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Years 3,4,5, and 6 afternoon activities

Thursday 16th July


What was life like for the Normans?

Please watch the following clips on YouTube

Think about what your life would’ve been like if you had lived in Norman times in England.

Then choose a task:

Thursday 9th July


When the Normans came to Britain, they were invading groups of people who already lived here (Anglo-Saxons and Vikings), who weren’t too happy about being taken over by a new power. The Normans needed to protect themselves from rebellion. Thankfully they were excellent builders. They built great fortresses and castles all over England and Wales:


Is there a castle near Thornhill? (Hint: Egr______ Castle). What can you find out about this castle? Could you go to visit?

See what you can find out, then choose a task:

Good afternoon all, I am looking to deliver certificates to pupils who have completed the 100 mile challenge during lockdown. If you could email me by Friday 10th July, it will give me time to prepare and circulate before the end of term. I know a lot of you have been cycling and these miles count too!! Thank you, Mrs Temple.

Monday 6th to Friday 10th July


Healthy Living and PE Lessons


Here are all of your afternoon lessons for this week 


REMEMBER to choose a PE activity every afternoon too




Monday 6th - Anger

Today we are going to come up with ideas to help us deal with our anger. Work through the sheet with an adult DISCUSSING it as you go along. Number 3 is really important as it is important to have good ideas as to how to help you control your anger and overcome it. Do you need to take yourself to a quiet place and do some deep breathing? Do you neeed to shout into your pillow or go in the garden and kick a football around? Do you need to do soem mindful colouring? Fitter future (which you have log in details for ) has lots of mindful activities. It would be great if you logged in each day and tried a new one everyday. In class we do one every day. We love the hot chocolate one.













Tuesday 7th - Goals

Talk to a parent about what goals are and why it's important to have them. Go through the sheet together discussing what your goals are and what your parents goals are. It is important to have goals and work towards achieving them.




Wednesday 8th July - Goals for September

We are continuing to look at goals today meaning what you want to achieve. I want you to think of 3 things that you want to achieve in school when you come back in September. It might be to master your 7 times table, make your writing neat and joined all the time or answer more questions in class and not be shy to ask for help. Are you going to make sure you strive for 5 and do your homework every week?

Can you put 3 goals onto a piece of paper and also write on there how you are going to achieve them. Eg. I'm going to keep playing hit the button over the holidays and practice my 7 times table. I'm also going to say it out loud and see how fast I can do it at least 4 times a week, Can you make your work colourful and draw a picture to go with each goal you want to achieve. Why not put it in your room or on the fridge so you don't forget what your goals are.


Friday 10th - Motivational posters

Today I want you to design at least 2 motivational posters to keep somewhere at home where everyone can see them. We need to remember that in order to achieve our goals we need to work hard and try our best. Look at the examples below and then make up some of your own. They can have a picture as well as words if you want. Choose colours carefully as some colours feel more positive than others. Enjoy. I would love to see your work. Maybe I could put some up in class in September.

If you think you deserve golden time explain to an adult why


Now choose a PE challenge from below. 


Mrs Temple’s PE

You can choose from the list below to get active or you can click on the document below called suggested weekly timetable. We don't expect you to do everything but there are some great ideas which you might enjoy choosing from each day this week. Have fun and keep active. 



Don’t forget to keep a record of any miles walked or cycled as you will be able to collect 100 mile challenge certificates when we return to school. Have a good week.


Mrs Temple



Monday 22nd to Friday 26th June 

Healthy Lifestyles and PE this week


All this weeks healthy lessons are listed below. Now that I am back in class teaching full time it is hard to find time to update the website everyday so please remember to scroll down to find all the lessons


It is really important that we have a healthy mind and body and even more so during the period of history we are currently living through. We are going to spend at least a couple of weeks looking at what makes a healthy lifestyle and think about how we can make sure that we have a healthy mind and body now, as well as in the future. Please spend time chatting about these topics. These are lessons we would have covered and had a lot of discussion about in class.



Everyday you need to do the day's healthy lifestyle activity AND a PE challenge from Mrs Temple's list


Click here whenever you want to explore lots of different videos and clips about healthy lifestyles.


Monday 22nd June

Regular exercise is essential to keep your body and mind healthy.


Talk to an adult and see if you can list 10 physical activities that you enjoy doing. Chat about how they make you feel when you are doing them and afterwards.


Now read the information below and think about answers to each of the questions posed. You can either print the sheet out as it is attached after Friday's lesson (physical activity lesson 1) or just write your answers down in your book.



I then want you to use your slogan to design a poster to encourage teenagers to take part in more physical activity. Tell them why it is good for the, suggest activities they might enjoy doing but haven’t tried and make it colourful and eye catching. I would love to see your work.


Tuesday 22nd June

Today we are looking at healthy eating habits. Here is the eatwell plate which we have looked at before in class. Talk to an adult about how the plate works.

Now look at the sheet below (or print it out, it is after Friday's work) and work through the answers by chatting to an adult. 



Now I want you to draw your favourite HEALTHY breakfast, lunch or dinner. Send me your picture with the foods labelled and I can display them on here. You might encourage someone else to try your favourite healthy meal. 


Wednesday 24th June

Today we are looking at your leisure time (free time) and how you spend it. Look at the worksheet below (or print it out it is after Friday's work) and either fill in the answers or write them down in your book. 


Discuss these questions with an adult:

Is it healthy to spend all your leisure time playing video games or on electrical devices? Why not?

How can you change how you spend some of your leisure time to be healthier?

Can your family do something together in your leisure time which is fun yet healthy? 


Friday 26th June

Look at the sheet below (or print it out) and fill in the answers. Make sure you TALK about your answers with an adult and see if they agree with you. 



Find out how much sleep each person in your house needs (it changes according to your age). Are people getting enough? If not try your best to make adjustments and see if getting more sleep for a couple of weeks makes you feel more alert, happier and ready to be active. Remember it is important not to sleep too late in the morning even when you aren't getting up for school!




PIctures that make us smile, I would love you to send in more