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Year 3 and 4 daily maths and English

Wednesday 1st July


Hi it's Mrs Murray here and today I am going to pop your morning activities here as there is only a little bit of maths today and lots of fun other activities to keep you busy. 


Today you MUST:

1. Curl up with a book or magazine of your choice or go online and research something you are interested in and read what you find out loud to an adult. 


2. Write the times table you are learning this week down and then say it out loud at least 5 times throughout the day. You can read it off the paper and get an adult to time you if you want. Once you get confident then I bet you don't need to look at the paper all the time.


3. I think you are going to like these activities. One is to make a revolting menu and the other to design a remote control that does magic things. Have a look at the sheets with an adult and then go for it. The more crazy and exciting your ideas the better. Why not draw some of your most revolting food too. I would love to see your work smiley