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Why Class 3 should be proud of themselves

Well done Alivia for winning a competition to design a climbing frame for the Clip and Climb Centre in Maryport- the whole class gets a free trip!

Year 5 Kidsafe Group 

Throughout October year 5 have had their Kidsafe training. They have gained lots of skills in how to keep themselves safe in many ways including bullying and peer pressure.

The children shared experiences and helped KS solve a lot of his problems. Everyone in the group contributed during the sessions and will always remember the three main messages of Kidsafe:




Well done to you all

Thornhill Village Association were delighted when they got help planting all the plants around the village. They said those of you involved were very well behaved. They are also delighted to be using your "pick up your dog poo" posters around the village. Furthermore they are pleased we are putting their litter pickers to good use and continuing to try and keep the park litter free. 
The adults at the fire station involved in the Junior Citizenship activities commented on how well behaved we had been and how we had joined in all the activities with enthusiasm and listened carefully. Well done class 3 its great when we show people outside of our school that we are well behaved and well mannered
Those in year 6 who are attending the SATs revision classes should be very proud of themselves. I'm delighted that they are showing maturity and a positive attitude to their revision. Keep it up! We can only do our best but if we know we have given 100% then regardless of results we should be proud of ourselves.

Numbers of children striving for 5 has been increasing every week this half term. This makes Mrs Murray extremely proud and happy as she is ALWAYS reminding us how important it is to read because it improves not only our reading skills but our vocabulary, spelling, writing, understanding and maths skills (everything improves if we read!). Aside from that its a lovely activity to do and there are some brilliant books in our class and school library.


We have been enjoying our mindfulness PE this half term and Mrs Murray has been delighted to keep hearing from the teacher how well behaved we have all been (this has even been without Mrs Murray prompting the teacher!). Year 5 and 6 ALL got a star after one lesson when they not only all behaved beautifully but worked together as a team and completed the hoop challenge in under a minute.


Our school public speaking competition was a huge success. We worked really hard to write speeches linked to our community. We spoke about issues which blight our community and then came up with ideas as to how to solve them. We were a little scared when we realised the mayor was coming to judge the competition. Everyone was extremely proud of all the children who stood up and gave their speech in front of quite a large audience. Harvey Jobson from year 4 was the overall winner and all his classmates agreed he was a very worthy winner. The mayor was so impressed he sent his team back to school last Friday to video all those children who were brave enough to give their speech again. They will be going on his facebook "Copeland Pride of Place" page so have a look.


After our trip to the Beacon the "Roman" we met and learnt a great deal from emailed us to say how well behaved we had all been, how we had listened really carefully, how we had handled the artefacts with great care AND how he wished all the groups that came to visit him were as fabulous as us! How a Roman knew how to email is puzzling us though!!