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Tullie House Egyptian Day

Year 2 to 6 enjoyed an Egyptian Experience at Tullie House. Children visited the museum and this one off event as part of their history topic. The trip enabled children to develop their knowledge and understanding of this ancient civilisation. Year 2 and 3 also used the trip as a way of gaining lots of knowledge so that we could write our own information book back at school.


The day began in the Mummification Room where children had to work in teams to mummify a body! Students worked hard following detailed instructions of exactly how to perform the egyptian process. Pupils also got creative making decorative head dresses and statues to go in to the sarcophagus with the mummified corps.

Next children visited the Artefacts Room which was filled with replica and real artefacts. Pupils explored each artefact station in mixed groups and a member of the Tullie House staff commented on how well all the students support each other with their learning; in particular how the older, more knowledgeable pupils further their learning by teaching their understanding to others. This was a proud moment for all staff at Thornhill School and children should also be proud of their teamwork spirit, attitude and effort they demonstrated on this trip.

Finally children met Aneksi, a farmer's wife living on the West Bank of the Nile near the city of Thebes. She told the children all about life on the farm, her domestic duties and the problem she is having with the neighbours. Pupils enjoyed asking her questions and finding out what her day to day life was like.

The day was a fabulous way of developing pupils knowledge and understanding of ancient Egypt in an exciting and entertaining environment.


We would recommend Tullie House as a great day out; the museum is open daily and children 18 and under go FREE! Additional costs can apply for special topic/family days and this is usually around £5 per pearson, well worth the money as there's usually goodies to take home and the experience is well worth it.


Before the trip children were asked to make their own mummy as part of a lesson. It was a great way to get children into their new topic as they discused their current knowledge of ancient Egypt. It was also extremely funny and we couldn't help but put the pictures on line.