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Safety, Learning and Respect - our three values. Thornhill Primary School is proud to be part of the West Lakes Multi-Academy Trust. 'Safeguarding given the highest priority' ( OFSTED 2019)



To celebrate Harvest children made Harvest Monsters in Design and Technology. We also completed PSHE lessons focused on the food bank which is where our food and money raised this year is going to

Recycle Week 2018

We learnt about recycling and shared our learning in assembly. We even sang a recycling song. 

Macmillan Coffee Morning with Design and Technology

Inspired by Macmillan Coffee Morning Reception and Key Stage 1 decided to bake cakes. This involved planning there cakes design, writing recipes, working in a team to make and decorate the cakes and finally completing evaluations about their cake

making process.

Crab Fair

Reception and Key Stage 1 learned all about the famous and local Egremont Crab Fair. Below you can see Reception’s homemade ‘braffin’ that they used during our Gurning Championships. Next we acted out the story of how the Crab Fair began and the history behind it. Lastly we went outside and each had a go at throwing a crab apple as far as we could. This was lots of fun!

Handmade Musical Instruments

Today we made our own musical instruments inspired by multicultural week. We began by researching different instruments from around the world and then children worked individually, in partners or in small teams and tried to recreate the instruments using their design and technology skills. Pupils then used their musical instruments to form 'bands' and we all had great fun 'jamming' outside. 


Compass Skills

Key Stage 1 are currently learning all about maps and atlases as part of their geography topic. We have learned that most maps have a compass to show the 4 points: north, east, south, west, and these are often used when trying to work out directions. Children made their own compasses and worked in pairs to follow directions given. Pupils worked hard to ensure their compass always pointed north, this sometimes meant walking backwards or sideways!

The class had lots of fun and now all children know the 4 points of a compass and why they are placed on maps.

Sitar Player Visit

Reception and Key Stage 1 are currently learning about Diwali (a Hindu festival of lights celebrated every year in autumn) in RE.

Pupils where lucky enough to be visited by a sitar player. Here children learnt that sitar music is often used for Hindu celebrations such as Diwali. We all enjoyed and appreciated the amazing music, it really made our Diwali celebrations extra special,

so a big thank you to Mrs Colley for organising it.


Still image for this video

Food Tasting

As part of our topic 'weather around the world' we thought it would be a great idea to taste food from around the world. 

Children were very open minded and mature as we tasted foods such a sushi from Japan, tacos from Mexico

and spring rolls from China. 

Our Top Tasters who tried everything and ate everything! Well done children :)

We all had a great time!

Crab Fair Activities 

In Key Stage 1 we have been learning about the history of Crab Fair. Below you can see children working in teams to act out the story of how Crab Fair began. Pupils used their imaginations as well as a few props to really bring the story to life. 

We then took our learning into the hall for a PE lesson. We imagined our beanbags/balls were crab apples and passed them to each other, recreating what happens at Crab Fair when crab apples are given out. This also helped children realise where the name

'Crab Fair' comes from.