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Thornhill Explorers

Thornhill Explorers: Ennerdale Residential 2019

This year the Thornhill Explorers returned to Ennerdale but this time stayed at the other end of Ennerdale Water at the Scout Hut.

The residential was enjoyed by all and this year included water sport activities!

How brave are our Year 1 and 2s!

We are all extremely pround of them, check out their pictures below. 

Thornhill Explorers: Dent Walk

As part of Thornhill Primary School's Sponsored Walk year 1 and 2 walked up Dent Fell. This was an exciting experience for the children, who gained a great sense of accomplishment when they reached the top. Pupils worked hard and showed super teamwork skills as well as individual confidence whilst on the walk. It was an enjoyable day for both staff and students.

We began our walk at Nannycatch following the forestry path. We saw some amazing sites as we walked and even managed to spot some sheep who were on our path.

As always we enjoyed flapjack and a well deserved break as we reached just over the half way point on our accent.

We made it to the top! Students and staff enjoyed the wonderful views and could spot key landmarks such as The Candlestick at Whitehaven, St Bees Head, Longlands Lake, West Lakes Academy, Sellafield and even our own village Thornhill!

Finally we began our decent with great pleasure and pride! It was a fun walk back down with lots of giggles and appreciation for the beautiful views we could see.

Thornhill Explorers: Ennerdale Trip


Our explore started with The 7 Bridges Walk. This was an exciting adventure filled with exploration of the Ennerdale countryside and water. We saw wildlife including sheep, lambs, cows, fish, birds and many insects! We also saw waterfalls, the water and the stunning fells

surrounding the valley.

Above you can see we are enjoying flapjack during a mid-walk break. YUM!

Here children are using their hunting skills to search for items on their ‘Explorers List’.

Finally we spotted Ennerdale Water! It was a beautiful view and we all enjoyed seeing it on our walk.

Next we took a well-deserved break and relaxed in front of the fire and enjoyed some mindful colouring.

Then we took to the water! Children and staff both enjoyed a fun paddle in Ennerdale Water. Pupils also played with water guns and water toys. Needless to say the teachers ended up the wettest after a huge water fight erupted.

This was great fun!

Finally it was time for bed and it was most needed! All children slept the whole evening without a peep!

Breakfast Time J

Finally we enjoyed roasting marshmallows on the fire for a final breakfast treat. It was also a nice opportunity to discuss our first residential as a group around the fire.

An amazing time was had by all and we all can’t wait for our next one!