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Safety, Learning and Respect - our three values. Thornhill Primary School is proud to be part of the West Lakes Multi-Academy Trust. 'Safeguarding given the highest priority' ( OFSTED 2019)

Snacks this week

Snacks week 10/7/17

This week we have had: cream cheese, crackers, radish from the garden, peas in pods, yoghurts, Quavers and on Friday the children who stay for lunch made their own lunch! We made triple decker sandwiches, because we saw a picture of some in a book. To drink we had water and milk.


Week beginning 3 July

This week we had: little peppers, snow peas, crumpets, toast and cereal.  On Friday we had a special treat and had chocolate cake as it was Mrs Heppell's birthday.  To drink we had milk and water.


19/6/17 Snack

This week we have apples, bananas, fromage frais, pancakes, raisins, cheese and crackers. To drink water and milk. We used our pancakes to make teddy bear faces. Some  children had their own ideas and made rhino and elephant faces!


Snack 12/6/17

We had water and milk to drink. To eat we had sweet peppers, banana, cereal, cheese, crackers, Pom Bears, apples and raisins.


Snack 5/6/17

This week we tried our own new potatoes from the nursery garden.  We ate ryvita, raisins,apple,cheese, yogurt, apple, orange and banana. we drank milk and water.


Week beginning 2 May

For snack this week the children enjoyed:raisins, apple,banana,Rice Crispies,tangerine, cucumber,cream cheese, crackers,cheddar and bread sticks. We had water and milk to drink.


Week beginning 24 April

This week the children enjoyed:rasins, apple,banana,Rice Crispies,tangerine, cream cheese, crackers,cheddar and bread sticks. We had water and milk to drink.


Week beginning 3rd April.

This week we had milk and water. To eat we had Shreddies, cheese and crackers, pears, tangerine, bananas, eggs and breadsticks.


Week beginning 13March

This week we had cereal, which was very popular, toast,apples, pears, bananas, tangerines,cheese and bread sticks.  As usual we offered water and milk to drink.

Please note that water is always available to the children. They each are provided with their own water bottle which is labelled with both their name and a picture.


Snacks week beginning 6 March

This week we had: apple; pear; tangerine, yoghurts; toast and crackers.  The children enjoyed operating the toaster and were supervised and helped by the staff.  We talked about safety and care. To drink we had milk and water.


Snacks week beginning 27/2/17

This week we used banana, strawberries and blueberries to design our own smoothies.  We each had a turn at operating the blender too!  We decorated little pancakes with soft fruit and raisins to make faces and enjoyed tangerines, apples, crackers and cream cheese. To drink we had water and milk.


Snacks week beginning 12 Feb

This week we have have milk, water and on our trip apple juice. To eat we enjoyed: carrots, apple, banana, pear, quavers and crackers with margarine.


Snacks beginning week 6 February 2017.

As the children requsted, I bought some panckes again this week, plus some cheese triangles to practise spreading skills.  We also enjoyed crackers; apple; pear; satsuma; carrot and banana. To drink we had milk and water.


Snacks week beginning January 30th

This week we have had: apples;pears;carrots; tangerines; fromage frais; pancakes and cheese chunks.  To drink we had water and milk.


Snacks week beginning January 23 2017

We have taken snacks from a range of food groups this week.  Some children even chose a nutritious snck to buy and prepare when we visited our local Post Office and shop.

Snack has included milk and water to drink.  To eat: crackers; margarine' cheese cubes, petit fromage frais, apple, pear, banana, tangerine,carrot, beetroot, croissants and both, 'original' and vegetarian haggis.



Snacks this week included:  tangerine;pear; apple;banana; raisins;crackers and margarine; cheese; 50/50 bread buns; prawn crackers; prawn toasts; spring rolls;egg fried rice  and vegetable noodles. To drink we offered milk and water.  The children poured their own drinks and practised buttering and chopping.