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Safety, Learning and Respect - our three values. Thornhill Primary School is proud to be part of the West Lakes Multi-Academy Trust. 'Safeguarding given the highest priority' ( OFSTED 2019)


Here at Thornhill Primary School we are


Safe, Mindful, Attentive, Respectful

and we always Try our Best


This helps us follow our 3 School Rules

Safety, Learning and Respect

SMART in September

To encourage our children to be SMART and to give our pupils a consistent approach which our children all need, we have created SMART in September. This is to promote SMART behaviour by focussing on a specific area of being SMART each week. Posters are displayed around school and the SMART focus is on the weekly newsletter. Please ask your child about the week’s SMART focus to give SMART the extra boost it needs and give our children a positive and consistent approach to behaviour.


Our New

Headteacher’s Household Award

Here at Thornhill Primary School we recognise that working from home is a team effort which involves the whole family positively working and learning together.

That is why we have created our new Headteacher’s Household Award to show our appreciation to those hard working households who are going above and beyond.

We want to show you how impressed we are with your efforts and how much we value the vital lessons you are teaching your children. As well as to show your child how proud we are of their efforts in working from home.

This award will be only be given to outstanding households so it may not be handed out each week. So make sure you let your class teacher know all of the amazing learning which is going on in your household for a chance to win this most celebrated award.  


Our New Positive Behaviour Culture


Here at Thornhill Primary School we use a SMART approach to encourage positive behaviour while in school and we use a series of questions to address and learn from behaviour that requires further tutoring. This is part of our positive behaviour culture which complements our current behaviour policy and 3 school rules.


SMART (Safe, Mindful, Attentive, Respectful and Try your best)

All staff use the term SMART when referring to how children act in school, for example you may have heard of SMART walking, SMART sitting, SMART learning etc… this is to positively encourage children to be safe, mindful, attentive, respectful and to try their best throughout the school day. Furthermore, children are being taught the importance of being SMART and how this will help them follow our 3 school rules.


Our four questions

If children are struggling with their behaviour, we now see this as a learning opportunity for a child to reflect on their actions and understand how their own behaviour will result in a consequence appropriate for them. This is a child lead approach to confronting behaviour in a safe, controlled and positive environment. All staff throughout the school use the following questions:

  1. Are you ready to talk about your behaviour?
  2. Why were you given SMART thinking time?
  3. How can you improve your behaviour now?
  4. What will you do differently next time?


The inspiration to change our behaviour culture comes from Paul Dix’s - ‘When the Adults Change Everything Changes’. This book has a modern outlook on behaviour in schools and how to positively address challenging behaviours for children in our schools today. We highly recommend you read this book, it has completely overturned our thoughts on behaviour and made dealing with behaviour a positive and rewarding experience, We're sure you would get the same results if you tried it at home.  


Headteachers Award

This is our way of recognising children who go above and beyond in many aspects of school life. We also want to celebrate children who are ambassadors for our SMART initiative. Therefore, we have created our Headteacher’s Award. Unlike the Golden Jumper awards this may not be handed out weekly as it is specifically for children who have been exceptional and outstanding in their learning and behaviour.


What our children think of SMART... 

‘It's keeping yourself and other safe at all times’

‘SMART is being mindful and attentive, it helps us learn’

‘Taught me that if you’re nice to someone, they’re nice back’

‘I’m going to use it in SATs’

‘I like being SMART because then I know I’m being a good pupil’

‘School is more calm now’

‘Teachers use it for everything’