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Serving the whole community

Safety, Learning and Respect - our three values. Thornhill Primary School is proud to be part of the West Lakes Multi-Academy Trust. 'Safeguarding given the highest priority' ( OFSTED 2019)


At Thornhill School the safety of the staff and children is paramount. We have a variety of procedures in place to ensure the security of your child in school and on school visits:


  • Risk Assessments are carried out before activities take place or in the organisation of school visits.
  • There is only one entrance into the building which has a security key system. There is a camera to view who is at the front entrance.
  • All visitors must report to the school office and sign in and out.
  • Playground external gates are closed and locked when children are outside.
  • There are at least two staff members outside when pupils are.
  • Pupils use only one main exit from the building.
  • The school carpark is separate from the playground.
  • The cleaner checks the playground before school starts.
  • Documents regarding personal details are kept securely.
  • Parents have to inform school if there are security concerns regarding their children.
  • All adults who work regularly with children have to have a CRB check.


The Head teacher and governing body have responsibilty for security at Thornhill School.