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School Sleepovers

Come to Bed with a Book

School Sleepover


Inspired by Reading Week and World Book Day, KS1 had a sleepover in school to celebrate the wonderful world of books as well as to develop key life skills. All children greatly enjoyed the sleepover adventure and should be extremely proud of their bravery in sleeping away from home.

Children were split into 3 teams named after the 3 farmers from Fantastic Mr Fox (the book we have been learning from all week). Each team then completed different tasks based around different books. Check out our pictures of the amazing evening below!

Children’s Book of Sports

Here children explored this non-fiction book looking at the books layout and using the contents to select the pages they wanted to explore. Pupils then chose a sport and played this as a team following the books instructions/advice.

Handa’s Surprise

At this activity children read the book allowed as a team, following this children then discussed African cultured and investigate African dot painting. Pupils then created their own African inspired dot paintings of their own.

Living with Mum and Living with Dad

Teams listened to the story read to them by Miss Byrne. Children then discussed what was special to them about their Mum and Dad. Next pupils discussed a special event which is happening next Sunday; Mother’s Day. Children then made a bath salts gift set for their Mum to celebrate this special occasion.

We also enjoyed playing some whole class games as well as celebrating Logan’s birthday with cake! YUM YUM


This was one of the highlights of the sleepover. Each child was given a kebab stick with marshmallows on the end ready to roast on a tea light. Once melted children then put there gooey melted marshmallow in between 2 chocolate biscuits to make a delicious shmore sandwich. These were very messy but lots of fun!

Setting up Camp

Once we finished all our activities children then set up their beds, got all snuggled up and watched Moana until they fell asleep. This was a lovely ending to our exciting day and children snuggled up with their books, teddies and friends.

Cake for Breakfast!

Following a great night’s sleep, we all had a little treat and had cake for breakfast in bed while we read our books. Thanks Logan!

Here you can see children independently getting ready for their day ahead. We discussed the importance of activities such as brushing your teeth and how to be responsible for ourselves.


Children could pick from a range of delicious breakfast items, we enjoyed cereals, croissants, mango, pineapple and strawberries.

Following this we then finished off our sleepover activities with yoga and mindful colouring. This was to awaken children’s bodies and minds for their weekend ahead.