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I have added some times tables songs onto the Charanga YUMU assignments. We don't expect reception children to know their times tables, but this is an opportunity for them to start hearing the times tables to prepare them for Year 1 and beyond.

If you have finished the assignment on Charanga YUMU, I have set you a summer song to learn.

Log in as usual and have a sing-a-long!

Each week, do two tasks from your Charanga YUMU assignment.

Feel free to start each music session by listening to your favourite piece of music and dancing along to the rhythm.

Activity 1


Sit down and listen to some music.

First listen quietly, don’t make a sound and don’t move.

Next I want you to clap along to the steady beat of the music. Great! You have found the PULSE of the music.

Now stand up and dance to the music. Do fast moves and slow moves, really mix it up! Can you dance to the beats of the song? Well done! You have now found the RHYTHM- the mixture of short and long beats that make up the tune.


Activity 2


Check your email on Purple Mash. There should be an email from me, Mrs Hawkrigg, with your log in details for Charanga YUMU. This is a music academy where I can set you fun assignments. Once you have logged in, click on the assignment and listen to two of the songs that are listed on the right hand side. Dance along if you like, and enjoy the music!