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Safety, Learning and Respect - our three values. Welcome to Thornhill Primary School at the heart of our community

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I am pleased with my childs progress so far, we can see she has learnt much during her short time at Thornhill and my daughter is very fond of her teachers. She has settled in well and we are seeing big improvements with her numeracy, literacy and creativity. We encourage this as much as we can at home too as we don't believe it is solely the responsibilty of the school that she succeed academically, rather a good balance of both. 


We support you and your staff 100 percent and would like to thank you all for the hard work you do on a daily basis. 

Parents of Reception pupil

A note of gratitude.


For the last six years we have brought and collected our grandchildren from the school;first playschool and now three in the primary school.  Over this time we can only say good things about you and your staff,for the excellent work you do,often beyond  what would be normally expected. Not only in academia,which we appreciate as you were scored high by the inspectorate, but in the complete and proper development of the children.We can reinforce this by saying over the six years the grandchildren  have wanted to attend and looked forward to every attendance.They truly love school and there can be no better measure than that.


Many thanks, Grandparents of 3 pupils


Dear Wendy & all the staff,


........ You and your colleagues are playing a pivotal role in the community and I for one am proud to send both my children to the school and have seen nothing but progression in both physical and mental capacities.


I would like to commend you and your colleagues for teaching my children the necessary social skills to progress and also the manners to go with it. 


One final note, don’t stop doing what you’re doing, you have got a fantastic team and they are a credit to the community and I for one am proud to send my children to Thornhill school.


Father of Year 3 and Year 1 pupil.


Dear Mrs Figes and staff.


I would just like to send you a little note to say that we are extremely happy with the service that you all provide to our girls. They are thriving at the school and always come home excited about what they have done that day.


So in a nutshell, please keep up the good work.


Yours sincerely,

Parents of Year 1 and Nursery pupils

Our Parent's views:


‘It’s a lovely community school. Miss Clark has had a positive impact on my child. Mrs Toman is very approachable and helped put my mind at ease’ (EYFS parent)


‘I would recommend without hesitation, the teachers and teaching assistants go over and above the call of duty’ ( KS1 parent)


‘brilliant school with high standards and a friendly atmosphere, the children are treated as individuals’ (KS2)

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