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Mrs Hawkrigg's message: Hi everyone! I usually teach in the Early Years class on a Friday afternoon. Today I would like you to get out into the garden and kick a ball around! Try dribbling the ball, keep it close to your foot for as long as you can. Ask someone to time you, can you beat your own time? Can you beat someone else's time at home? Try setting up an obstacle course with anything in the garden and dribble the ball around the obstacles.

After P.E. see if you can catch a minibeast (insect or similar) in the garden. Be gentle! Does the minibeast have legs? How many? Now draw your minibeast and write its name underneath. Can you find any fun facts about this creature? Remember to let the minibeast go. 


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Hello all, as we enter a new system of schooling please bear with me to answer your e-mails and Tapestry uploads, the staff in Early Years are very impressed already at the response to adding photos to your child’s learning profile-keep them coming, they are making us smile.  As you know school is open for children, who require emergency childcare, we are busy supporting those children still in the building, whilst setting and monitoring work for children working from home. Therefore, I am sure you will appreciate that, some days there might be a short delay in answering your e-mail, please bear with me,  I  will endeavor to answer your emails and queries as quickly as possible however please remember we may not be contactable at certain times. If your enquiry is urgent feel free to call school during office hours on 01946 820402 and a message will be given to us. 


Thank you for your support at this time. We are here to support everyone and we will be making regular email and phone contact with you and your children. We would appreciate acknowledgement of any emails you receive. This is a new challenge for everyone but by working together I'm sure we will manage.




Purple Mash Link





Read Write Inc.


Are offering daily phonics lessons via Face book (like the page) and YouTube

Nursery Times are: 9.30 and 12.30 Reception Times: 10:00 and 1:00

*Please note that the lessons are streamed live and won’t be available at other times.


Joe Wicks Daily 30 minute work out


 Daily work for those children at home



All children came home on Friday inundated with packs to keep them busy over the next few weeks; the children have a huge selection to choose from.

I have been working hard to create a weekly activity timetable to support additional fun learning at home. Remember in Early Years the importance of good quality play, which are language rich- play games, role-play playing farms, with cars etc. Remember it is important to talk to your child, enhancing their vocabulary all the time.


Happy learning everyone!


Mrs Hawley



Read Write Inc. Phonics Guidance for Parents.