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Safety, Learning and Respect - our three values. Thornhill Primary School is proud to be part of the West Lakes Multi-Academy Trust. 'Safeguarding given the highest priority' ( OFSTED 2019)

Weekly Message from the Headteacher

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to Summer Term 2021.

I trust everyone has made the most of the calm and unusually dry weather to get outside and enjoy the
delights of our local environment.

The lighter nights have been very much welcomed by those of us who enjoy a walk to finish the day, it
has been lovely to hear the chorus of birds singing as the sun sets and to watch our local lambs jumping
around before settling to sleep. However, I would like to remind parents to keep an eye on bedtime
routines. Children often find it hard to go to bed when it is light outside and often this results in later
bedtimes and disrupted sleep. The consequences are often seen in school, with children becoming
increasingly tired and struggling to concentrate. Please help your child to maximise their learning by
keeping to a clear bedtime routine, which allows children the chance to get the sleep they need.

As a guide, children aged 3-5 years need between 11-13 hours of sleep and those aged 5-11 years
should get 10-11 hours every night.

Similarly, I would like to remind parents of the importance of keeping an eye on children when they are
outside at play. In the summer months, issues in the local park and complaints from the community
often increase. Children, left unattended for long periods of time, can find themselves in situations
which can quickly escalate. In school, we speak with children about managing risk and keeping
themselves safe. We also discuss relationships and how to manage challenging behaviour and
bullying. Please can you encourage your child to reflect on these when they are outside your home and
set age-appropriate boundaries for their outdoor play.

Lastly, I would like to remind everyone that we are still subject to restrictions linked to coronavirus. It is
important that everyone continues to be vigilant and abides by the hands, face, space and fresh air
message which is being promoted by the government and NHS. Please continue to limit the contacts
that you and your child have, in order to keep our staff and community safe during this critical period of
transition to a more ‘normal’ way of life.

The latest updates on coronavirus rules and regulations can be found on our websites or using the
following link:


Enjoy your weekend – let’s hope it stays dry!

Mrs Figes