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Safety, Learning and Respect - our three values. Thornhill Primary School is proud to be part of the West Lakes Multi-Academy Trust. 'Safeguarding given the highest priority' ( OFSTED 2019)

Weekly Message from the Headteacher

Happy Thursday everyone!  This newsletter is going out a day early to allow for the special VE day bank holiday.


I hope that you will find time on Friday to spend thinking about the reason for the VE celebrations and discussing this in an age appropriate way with your families. I am lucky enough to still have members of my family who remember VE day. My nan and her twin sister are aged 99 and will be 100 in August. They were young women during World War Two and memories of this time are vivid. The last 75 years are just a blink of an eye for them. This generation were remarkable in their fortitude and resilience. There is much we can learn from them in the situation we find ourselves in today.


Thank you to every one of you who has taken up the challenge to leave decorated stones at the gates of the school. These look fantastic and have hopefully made our community smile. Please continue to add to this decoration, which will be kept as a memorial to this unprecedented time.


I know that a number of parents are struggling with home learning. This is to be expected. Parents will know what can be achieved in their own circumstances and some days will be easier than others. Our staff are making regular contact with families to provide guidance with home learning and to do what they can to make things easier. Please ask for help if you need it so that we can work together as a team. There has been much in the media about schools re-opening. To date, I have no information regarding how and when this might take place. As you can imagine, we are planning for all eventualities and will communicate with you when we have further guidance.


Can I also say a special ‘Thank You’ to the hardworking staff team for everything they are doing at the moment in terms of providing learning opportunities for all pupils and meeting the needs of our community. Well done to Mrs McLellan and Mrs Leeson for your work deep cleaning the school this week- we know you enjoyed using the pressure hose in the sun! Moreover, can I please mention the hard work Ms Akers has been doing to keep the school running and all the work she does behind the scenes on everyone’s behalf.


Stay well,


Mrs Figes