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Weekly Message from the Headteacher

With it being Valentines Day this week, I have been thinking about love. I am lucky to have many people and things that I love and I am looking forward to spending time with loved ones in the half term holiday. 


On Valentine’s Day, we think about romantic love and often couples send each other cards and gestures of affection. Sometimes people receive cards from unknown admirers who are too worried to express their feelings for fear of rejection. The story of the original Valentine is not overly romantic however, and quite a tragic tale. Valentine was a Christian priest in Roman times who married Christian couples in secret, against the wishes of the Emperor. He is also supposed to have cured a young woman of blindness but was tragically martyred on February 14th AD 269. It is interesting how, over time, we have taken elements of this story to create an annual tradition around romantic love complete with hearts and flowers.


This Valentine’s day, I would hope that everyone has the chance to give and receive the gift of love. In my experience it is our actions rather than our words, which demonstrate how much we care for others. I know children really value the time that they spend with family and it is the time that we give children that shows how much we love and value them. I hope we can all take some time this Valentines weekend to embrace the unique love between family members and to build memories of happy times together which can be treasured.


Happy Valentine’s Day and we hope you have a lovely Half Term holiday


Mrs Figes