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Weekly Message from the Headteacher

This week I was struggling for storage on my phone and I realised it was full of photos. Now I carry a mobile phone everywhere, I seem to take endless
pictures, especially of my time out with the dog by the sea or in the lakes. I realised that these pictures are an attempt to capture a moment, to preserve
forever something I find interesting in the world around me.

These snap-shots really fit with our 'Five ways to wellbeing' message that we champion in school.
These are five things we should attempt to do every day to ensure mental and emotion wellbeing:
exercise, learn something, give something, connect with others and take notice. My dog walking
adventures help my wellbeing as they contain exercise, giving of my time to an animal and taking
notice of the natural world and my place in it.

Why don't you try the 'take notice' challenge over the next few weeks and try and take a picture
every day of something that interests you- this would be a great family activity. It would be good to
compare the pictures from all family members, I wonder if there would be differences?

I leave you with some pictures from my and Freddie dog's adventures over the last week.