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Safety, Learning and Respect - our three values. Thornhill Primary School is proud to be part of the West Lakes Multi-Academy Trust. 'Safeguarding given the highest priority' ( OFSTED 2019)

Weekly Message from the Headteacher

Happy Friday everyone!


This week has marked a year since the first national lockdown and what a year it has been. Coronavirus has had an impact on all of our lives and impossible things have become the norm. I feel slightly uncomfortable now seeing crowds of people in close proximity on the TV screen and find I am so much more aware of my personal space than ever before. I have so many face coverings, one in the pocket of every coat and several in the car. I didn’t own one in March 2020, and I can honestly say I have never used hand sanitizer so frequently during the working day.


On Tuesday, many of us took the time to remember those who had been lost to this virus and those key workers who have looked after the sick or worked in essential services. I feel immense pride when I think about the work of individuals on the frontline. Their sacrifices should not be underestimated.


During this time of reflection, it is also useful to look forward. We can hope that the successful rollout of the vaccine and reduction in cases both locally and nationally will ensure a slow and cautious road to a more ‘normal’ way of life for us all. I hope that as a consequence of living through such an unusual time, we find new ways of being which will be more positive and thankful. It is useful to think about what we have really missed and what is vitally important and find perspective. For most of us, it is people, rather than things or places, that we have missed the most. It is the chance to touch, hug and kiss those who mean the most to us which has been the hardest thing to bear. As we start to think about increasing our contacts and connections, let us continue to remember how important our loved ones are and not take this chance to be together for granted.


Maximising quality time with loved ones is important. When I speak with children about the things they like the most, or their favourite memories, they invariably talk about family days out. Children like trips to the lakes, to the beach or local woodlands. They love trips to theme parks, castles and museums. They love these days because they get to spend time with those they love. They are not trying to compete with a mobile phone, or a house that needs cleaning or food that needs to be bought or cooked. During a day-out, everyone is focused on each other and what they are experiencing, people are generally relaxed. As a consequence, interactions are of better quality and people within groups get to really know each other and feel valued. This really helps children feel a sense of worth and belonging.


As we look towards the Easter break and hopefully some sunnier, warmer days, I hope that you will find time for quality days out with your children. The chance for quality time with loved ones will be of benefit to the whole family and let’s face it, the cleaning can wait…

Mrs Figes