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Safety, Learning and Respect - our three values. Thornhill Primary School is proud to be part of the West Lakes Multi-Academy Trust. 'Safeguarding given the highest priority' ( OFSTED 2019)

School to re-open to all students on 7th September

see letter from Mrs Figes below: 



Dear Parents/ carers,


Hello everyone!


Welcome to the new term and to what we are calling the ‘new normal’ although it still feels anything but normal. I would like to start by impressing on all families the importance of reading newsletters and other information that comes from school. We are living in unusual times and guidance to keep everyone safe changes regularly. If you feel you may have missed anything sent electronically don’t worry too much- all relevant documentation is immediately put on our website and easy to find. If in doubt, call the school office and we will endeavour to help you to make sense of it all.

Home and blended learning

School is open to all students and staff from September 7th and this has followed four days of inset for staff to help them adequately prepare for what will be an unusual year. At any point the school community may need to revert to a period of blended or home learning. It will be our intention to teach as much as possible using online video conferencing and this should help relieve the pressure on parents. We will also provide some worksheet-based work packs and will expect to communicate with children and families at least weekly regarding learning. Since it is likely that all children will have to do some working from home using online apps or video conferencing, we would recommend that all pupils from Reception through to Year Six, have access to an internet- enabled device. Mobile phones are useful but often limited, in terms of screen size, for many activities. Students would find home learning easier using a tablet, laptop or home computer. If your child doesn’t have access to one of these please let the school know in September.

Pupils in the Early Years will continue to be set tasks using the school website and Tapestry App. Early Years Learning is often easily dismissed as ‘just playing’ but these critical years help to shape the foundations for life-long learning. Your child’s teacher will help you to support your child to meet their age-related milestones so that any period of home-learning doesn’t have a huge impact on their long-term progress.

In order to help us plan for blended learning and reflect on the last few months, we would be grateful if you could complete the following survey, it should only take a few minutes but will have a huge impact on our planning for 2020-21.

Follow the link below:


Covid-19 arrangements

We follow the national guidance with regard to managing symptomatic pupils or staff.

If your child is unwell please do not send them to school. If they have Covid-19 symptoms (persistent cough, high temperature, change in taste and smell) then they need to self-isolate for 10 days and get a Covid-19 test. The whole household should self-isolate for 14 days.

If a test is negative and the child is well, they may return to school and the household can also stop self-isolating. If they are positive, they must stay home for 10 days and the household for 14 days.

If a member of the school community tests positive for Covid-19 then those within their bubble who have had close contact with them will be asked to self-isolate. Their households do not need to self-isolate unless they subsequently develop symptoms.

If there are a number of pupils/ staff who test positive then the local healthcare team may decide to close whole/ part of the school.

In order to minimize the risk, we are doing all we can inside the building to keep pupils safe and healthy. They will be mixing in much small groups, handwashing will be regular and rigorous and cleaning will be enhanced. You can help us to keep school open and everyone safe in a number of ways:

  • Limiting the number of families you mix with
  • Keeping a distance of 1-2 meters from those not in your household
  • Ensuring your child is clean and washes hands regularly at home
  • Keeping ill children at home
  • Following all government guidance and self-isolating as required

Research suggests that children are at a reduced risk from Covid-19 however they can be asymptomatic carriers. By reducing the likelihood of your children being infected you help to keep our staff and their families safe. We have members of staff who are at higher risk or have members of their households who have underlying health conditions. They are desperate to return to work and will be reassured knowing that families are doing what they can to keep them and their families safe.


Thank you NHS Week- 7-11th September

For the week beginning 7th September we will be holding a ‘Thank you NHS week’. The children will be reminded about the importance of cleanliness and become germ-busters. They will be reminded how to wash hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds and how to ‘Catch, bin and kill’ the germs in tissues. We will be celebrating the lives of nurses like Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and sharing stories the children have of trips to the hospital of GP surgery when we discuss people who help us.

The highlight of the week will be a dress up day on Friday 11th September. Children can dress up as paramedics, nurses, doctors or patients. If they don’t have anything suitable they can dress up in the rainbow colours like the ‘Thank You’ symbol.


School Return

You will be receiving advice regarding the exact arrangements for your child for September. These will be similar to the way that school was running towards the end of the Summer term. Children should wear uniform from September but may wear the school PE kit on PE days.

Children and adults may choose to wear face coverings on their way to school, especially if they have used public transport. Face coverings should be removed in school on entry following hand sanitizing. They should then be placed in school bags until the end of the school day.

Summer school

A massive ‘Thank you’ to our dedicated staff team who gave up part of their holiday and planning time to provide two weeks of summer school provision. The summer school has been a massive success and it has been marvelous to see so many children again and help them to be prepared for coming back into the school building.

Building work

Owing to issues around Covid-19, the government was delayed in managing the bidding and funding process which support Academy building works. We were successful in securing funds for our building which is fantastic news. However, whilst planning and some initial work has started, there will be some disruption during the Autumn term. I thank you in advance for your patience in this regard. There may be some slight alterations to entrance/ exits and wraparound care in the coming weeks but we will keep you informed if this affects you.  

Trips and visits

We are aiming for all children to attend a Sports/ Forest School trip in the first half of Autumn term. Please look-out for information about this trip which is fully-funded by the school. Children will attend this trip in their bubbles so they will not need to wear face coverings on the coach.

PE days

We will still be doing PE lessons in 2020-1 although children will not be doing any contact sports or sharing PE equipment. In order to reduce the need to change clothing and possible cross-contamination, we will allow children to wear PE kits to school on the days that they have PE. This should be a white Tee shirt and black/ navy shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms. A school jumper can be worn on the top.

Wrap-around care

WRAP will re-open in September. However, we will be limiting numbers and asking parents to book in advance so that we can manage this in terms of staffing, cleaning and reducing mixing between households.

Parent’s Evenings

We aim to continue to be there for parents and provide the friendly welcome you are used to. We no longer have an ‘open door’ policy, but staff will be available to parents and carers for a quick chat at the beginning or end of the school day. If you need a longer conversation, it would make sense to organise a phone call with the class teacher or to communicate via email.

Our parent’s evening in September will use zoom video conferencing of phone calls. More information will be given out about this later in Autumn Term.


Thank you for your support in recent months and we look forward to seeing you in September,


Mrs Figes