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Safety, Learning and Respect - our three values. Thornhill Primary School is proud to be part of the West Lakes Multi-Academy Trust. 'Safeguarding given the highest priority' ( OFSTED 2019)


Activity 5: Obstacle course

Ask an adult to help you set up an obstacle course in your garden. We have done this at school using the gymnastics equipment. You will have to be super creative and find things that you can climb over, jump off, crawl under and run around. Once you have climbed, crawled, jumped and run around the course, see if anyone else in your house can do it faster than you!

Activity 4: rolling and throwing to a partner

Ask someone in your house to join in with you for P.E. today.

Start by standing close to your partner and facing them. Roll a ball to your partner. You are not trying to get it past them. Really try to focus on their hands and pass the ball straight to them. Move further apart once you start to manage to pass it straight to them every time.

Next try throwing the ball to your partner. Stand close together, facing each other, and throw the ball gently to your partner. Again, move further apart when you are managing to get it to your partners hands every time.

Finally I want you and your partner to choose either rolling or throwing and stand a comfortable distance apart. Every time either of you catches the ball your pair get a point, but when someone misses it, you have to start again from 0. Good luck!

Activity 3 - bouncing

For this activity you need a bouncy ball. A bigger ball is easier for little hands to catch.

Hold the ball in both hands and drop it to the ground. Try to bring your hands together into the cup or dish shape under the ball to catch it and then pull it to your chest so it can't escape!

Now, instead of just dropping the ball, throw it to the ground so that it bounces higher. Each time bring your hands under the ball to catch it. How high can you make it bounce and still catch it?

Try to throw the ball straight down, so that it bounces back straight to you.

Activity 2: catching


Hold a ball with both hands. Throw the ball a little way straight up into the air, and put your hands together to form a flat cup or dish shape. When the ball lands in the dish of your hands, pull your hands in towards you body so that the ball doesn't escape! 

Your hands need to be together so that the ball doesn't fall through the gap. You might need to bring your elbows together too so that the ball can't fall through that gap either.


Keep practising until this becomes easy, and you catch the ball almost every time. If you have another, different sized ball, try with this ball next. Which is easier to catch, a big ball or a small ball?


Ask someone in your home to play catch with you using the 'dish' catching shape. Try to throw the ball right to their hands. Count how many times you and your partner catch the ball with no drops. Keep practising. Can you beat your own score?

Activity 1 - throwing


Hold a ball using both hands. Throw it as far as you can. How hard did you have to push it?

Next throw it gently, how far does it go?

Hold the ball in one hand and throw it as far as you can, then try with the other hand. Which hand can throw the farthest? Which hand does it feel easier to use?