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Maths homework links

Mathsframe is a fantastic website with lots of FREE maths games to play. There are ones involving driving cars, finding treasure, throwing snowballs and lots more. Why not have a look and enjoy some games

Click on the link to get started:



This can be played on touch screen devices as well as laptops. Go to and click on the online section. You can set the questions to match the times table you are learning this week. As you get better get tested on the inverse division facts too. GO ON YOU CAN DO IT!

Top marks is a fantastic website full of games to play to improve lots of aspects of your education including Maths and English. Have a go...I promise some of the games are great fun.



I've just scored 28 on hit the button on the 7 times table, can you beat me or improve your own score?


PLEASE PLEASE take some time to learn your times tables. There are lots of you tube videos which you can use to hep you learn one times table then once you can recite it go on "Hit the button" to practice. REMEMBER you need to learn to say 1 x 4 is 4, 2 x 4 is 8, 3 x 4 is 12 NOT  4,8,12 because that won't help you know what 8 x 4 is. 

This is a link to Numberjacks doing their 4 times table from here you can access the Numberjacks doing lots of times tables. I can't stress enough how much knowing your times tables helps you in LOTS of areas of maths. Go on you can do itsmiley

Shape activities

Why not try some of these activities linked to shapes



Practice telling the time by looking at this huge range of games and choosing which one suits you best. Do you need to practice quarter to times or 24 hours clock. The choices are endless and you are bound to find one that suits you, enjoy! 


Scroll past all the worksheets to find loads of games.

Creature capture looks great its all about choosing a creature and beating your opponent depending on whether the rule is to find a smaller or larger fraction. Have a go and when you are ready to challenge me come and tell me!


This has about 15 different fraction games to play so you are bound to be able to find one that is fun and means you are practicing your maths skills. If you aren't playing and smiling it's back to paper and pen for you!

Drag the fractions and drop them in order from smallest to largest. I actually got carried away and played this for longer than I needed to in order to test it out! Honest, have a go!
Comparing and ordering fractions is actually a funny game involving two gentlemen called Dick and Dom and it also contains dung (by that I mean poo!). Have a go fractions might make you smile!


Magic squares will really get you thinking and improve your mental maths (maths you do in your head). Can you complete the square so all the rows and columns total a given number? 

Guess my number is a great game to get you really thinking. You can do it!
This is a fun game involving addition, subtraction and word problems
This is a great game to practice your subtraction skills. Go on...have a go