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Wednesday 27th January



Yesterday's fluent in 5 answers

Perfect Problem Solvers

3575 divided by 55 = 65

(18 x 4) + 6 = 78

0.125 is what fraction and percentage? One eighth 12.5%

Estimate 89 x 197 (90 x 200 = 18000)

How many litres in 8600 mls  8.6L


Marvellous mathematicians

8 x 6 x 5 = 240

14.007 + 2453.9 = 2467.907

137 x 9 = 1233

How many litres in 5000mls? 5L

How many metres in 750 cms? 7 and a half or 7.5m



Today’s Fluent in 5  

If you can't remember any of the techniques then click on the links below to watch Mrs Murray show you how to do them. 

Column Addition

Column Subtraction

Column Subtraction part 2

Diving Deeper

How to learn times tables

Long Division

Long multiplication

Place value

Short Division

Short Multiplication

Column Addition


Perfect Problem solvers

How many mm in 50cms?

How many litres in 14,750 mls?

8+(15 x7) = 

two fifths as a decimal and a percentage 

5540 divided by  15 = 


Now Click on this link and then choose level 5 or 6. You have to write down your answers (in your homework book - don't forget the date!) and then at the end it will give you the answers. 


Marvellous Mathematicians

7 x 9 x 6 = 

12.087 - 3.97

7606 - ? = 5346 (DRAW A BAR)

? + 456 = 6543 (DRAW A BAR)

760 divided by 6 


Now click here  or play TTRS for at least 10 minutes or click to play daily ten, choose level 4 or 5 and practice some fraction, decimal percentage work



LBQ code is hqg


Perfect Problem Solvers

Today’s Topic – Equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages

Click here and find equivalent fractions decimals and percentages. If you want to listen to the Fractions to percentages video too you can do.


LBQ is *** LBQ use equivalents between simple fractions, decimals and percentages


Once you have done that I want you to make cards like in the photo below and cut them up and see how fast you can put them back together. I want you to challenge yourself and so most of you will be doing the sheet that has one sixth, one eighth and one third at the top. Do it a few times and time yourself, let me know how fast you were.


Marvellous mathematicians 

Today's topic - Equivalent fractions

 Click here and follow the video


*LBQ- Recognise equivalent fractions

** NO LBQ TODAY. I want you to make an amazing poster showing the equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages shown below. I then want you to write them out again and cut them up to make your own cards like we have in class. Once you have made them you can time yourself sorting them out. Do it lots of times so you become super speedy and time yourself to see how quick you get! SEND ME A PHOTO OF YOUR WORK IF YOU CHOOSE THIS OPTION OR I WILL THINK YOU ARE STILL ASLEEP!



Remember your entire maths lesson should take you between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 minutes so you might well get two LBQ’s done. A big well done to those people who challenged themselves last week and sat more than one.

Remember sometimes if you are doing well LBQ automatically skips a few questions to move you on.



Time your self and complete a page of your TTRS booklet. If you have finished your booklet then log on to TTRS instead and play a 3 minute game. 


Play some maths games on Purple mash. Can you get 25/25 on multiplication checker using the assessment mode?


If you are a whizz at your times tables then play a Purple mash maths game. 





Equivalent charts to cut up and make cards out of

Fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents

Fraction, decimal percentage number line to print

Draw this grid at home to help you when multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.

HTU chart to print

An example of rounding to 1 decimal place