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Monday 12th July


I know you are all going to be tired today after staying up late to watch the football (you can't say it wasn't close!) so I'm being kind today!



Lie on the sofa and set off a stopwatch on a phone or tablet. Close your eyes and when you think 5 minutes is up have a look at the timer! Email me and tell me how close you were to 5 minutes



You all love an LBQ that is just sums and no problem solving so your wish has come true today! Go SLOW and STEADY and see how many you can get right first time


Today's code is zrsf

task 1 is easier than task 2 so you can decide how much you want to challenge yourself




Have a game of Prodigy, hit the button, TTRS or soundcheck. Will you get 25 in a soundcheck back at school tomorrow? You don't want your score on the board to go down!

Friday 9th July



2 games of soundcheck to start with please



You have a choice today.


1.  If you are able to print things off then you can enjoy the mystery of the mixed up football shirts. You may have done this one a long time ago but I know you enjoy these and you definitely won't have remembered the answers!

The attachment is below


2. If you want to go on LBQ there are 2 activities to do. One is all about naming 2 and 3 D shapes and another is a topic review of what we have been learning in the past few weeks. You must spend at least 30 minutes on LBQ if you choose this option. 

Today's code is yfdp



15 minutes of TTRS games, Prodigy, hit the button or Purple Mash maths games please

Thursday 8th July


I know you will be tired this morning so I'm trying to be kind!

Was it a penalty? What a great match. I think me and a few others (including Mrs Temple) predicted a 2 - 1 score. Email me what you think the score will be on Sunday



10 minutes on a topmarks game of your choice for 7 to 11 year olds



Today there are 3 LBQ's   

* Practise 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12 Times Table Division Facts

** Identify 3D Shapes from 2D Representations

*** Identify 3D Shapes and their Nets


If you score 100 on your 5 minute TTRS sheet then you need to work for 30 minutes starting on task 2 ** and then moving on to task 3***


If you don't score 100 then you need to work for 30 minutes starting on task 1* and moving on to task 2 **


Today's code is jqq6


I've left yesterday's pictures of shapes below in case you need to look at them again.



Play prodigy, hit the button, soundcheck or a purple mash maths game for 15 minutes

Wednesday 7th July


Remember we have a zoom at 11am today. Please can you bring a box of some sort (eg. cereal box) as we are doing nets in maths. If you want to turn it inside you can give us clues and we can guess what was in it. 

Also make sure you have your homework book and a pen (we aren't doing hard work I promise!)

Bob the dog is wanting to say hi to you all



Morning everyone, I have been really impressed by your hard work so far...keep going I know you can do it!



Lets start with 2 games of soundcheck on TTRS...I'll be looking at your scores.


Now you can either:


Answer one of these puzzles 

Go on Topmarks and finding a game for 7 - 11 year olds. There are loads to choose from. Play for at least 10 minutes


Or go on Purple mash and play a maths game on there for ten minutes


Or run round the house or garden for at least 6 minutes (you have to time yourself) singing your times tables out loud!




Today we are looking at the nets of 3D shapes. First I want you to watch the video called draw nets of 3D shapes by clicking here


Now I want you to look at the nets below and decide what 3D shape they make. Once you have done that I want you to go to around the house looking for nets. The first stop might be your cereal box. If you are allowed carefully take it to pieces and rebuild it inside out so it is all brown or grey. Now decorate it to be whatever you want it to be. Please have a good look and see what other nets you have and can take to pieces


If you want to print any of the ones below feel free and then make them and decorate them . 


You need to email me a photo of you and your nets (that is plural so means you need to do more than 1!). It would also be great to see you draw your own met, cut it out and show me via email. 





Enjoy 15 minutes prodigy, TTRS or hit the button AND complete the sheet below to work out the code


Tuesday 6th July


Morning everyone, we can do this I know we can. Remember your glass is half full not half empty!



Lets start with going on topmarks this morning and finding a game for 7 - 11 year olds. There are loads to choose from. Play for at least 10 minutes


Or go on Purple mash and play a maths game on there for ten minutes




Today we are looking at quadrilateral and polygons.

Remember we talked about quadrilaterals last week and said we knew a quad bike had 4 wheels and if a woman gave birth to quads, she had 4 children so a quadrilateral is a shape with 4 sides.

Have a read of the posters below and listen to the video before starting the LBQ tasks.



Now watch the video called Angles in regular polygons by clicking here


The LBQ tasks today are

*Compare and classify quadrilaterals

** Use the properties of regular polygons to find missing angles.

*** Reasoning Geometry


Today’s code is rqvk


The * task is the easiest and the *** the hardest. You need to work on these tasks for a minimum of 30 minutes. You know yourself which task will suit you best. I will also be checking which you have chosen. It is better to start a harder one and do the first 5 or so questions and then move on to an easier one than just choose the easiest first.



Enjoy 15 minutes Prodigy, TTRS or hit the button



Monday 5th July


Morning my superstar year 5 and 6's. We can do this...I know we can. 

Deep breath and go for it!



Let's start with 2 games of soundcheck to make sure we don't forget those all important times tables.



Today I was going to be teaching you all about regular and irregular polygons. 

Read the posters below carefully to find out all the important information


Now complete your task of the day on LBQ. I want you to be on LBQ for a MIMIMUM OF 30 minutes so you might get one or 2 tasks completed or even one and a half!


Today's code is hj8h


The first task is called recognise regular and irregular polygons. 

The second task is compare and classify triangles. The poster

below will help you with task 2. 


If tasks 1 and 2 are far too tricky you complete task 3  which is about doubling numbers



Treat yourself to 15 minutes of prodigy, TTRS or hit the button!





If you find yourself isolating then please look here to see what you need to do. The resources below may be helpful.

If you forget a technique, click here to watch Mrs Murray remind you of how to do it


Column Addition

Column Subtraction

Column Subtraction part 2

Diving Deeper

How to learn times tables

Long Division

Long multiplication

Place value

Short Division

Short Multiplication

Column Addition

Equivalent charts to cut up and make cards out of

Fraction, decimal percentage number line to print

HTU chart to print

Perimeter knowledge organiser

An example of rounding to 1 decimal place