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Safety, Learning and Respect - our three values. Thornhill Primary School is proud to be part of the West Lakes Multi-Academy Trust. 'Safeguarding given the highest priority' ( OFSTED 2019)


Learning more about Shape 

2D and 3D Shapes

Year 1 and 2 have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. We began by searching for the many different 2D shapes we have in the classroom. Next we put 2D shapes in our witches’ hat and had to describe the shape for others to guess. This was lots of fun! Finally year 1 names 3D shapes while year 2 discussed their edges, vertices and faces.

Place Value

Below you can see how year 1 and 2 worked on their place value knowledge. They have used multilink, place value blocks and many more different objects. You can see how children have developed their knowledge as the numbers increase and the objects become more and more abstract.

Weights and Measures Scavenger Hunt!

To kick start our learning about weights and measures children embarked on a scavenger hunt which took them all around school and even outside! Pupils had great fun reminding themselves of the language we use when talking about weights and measures as well as learning new vocabulary and skills, such as using a ruler to accurately measure 10 cm. 

We also measured how many jumps we could do. We worked in pairs for this as it was a tricky activity to measure. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Finally we had to carry out an investigation to see if the item each pair thought would float did.

Each pair took it in turns to describe their item and explain why they thought it would float. Next we voted on if we thought it would float or sink and different children explained their vote each time. Finally pupils tested out their item in our water tray. 

Counting to 10

Chance, Harley, Hunter and Logan worked really hard collecting different items in tens. They worked as a team and then individually to count up items all the way to number 10! As you can see they where very proud of there efforts and so are we!