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Pick and Mix Maths











  • Make a set of instructions showing an alien how to do long multiplication or long division
  • Write out 2 problems which need a long division or multiplication to answer them, the funnier the better
  • Practice your 18 times table (we are doing it in class) and see how quickly you can say it 
  • Ask an adult to say a number between 1 and 99 and you say what you add to it to make 100. For example I say 35 and you say 65. I say 20 and you say 80. See how many you can get right in two minutes. 
  • Ask an adult to fire a mixture of times tables at you. How many can you get right in 1 minute?
  • Draw a table showing the equivalent decimals, fractions and percentages for: one half, one fifth, three quarters, one quarter, two fifths, three fifths and any others you want to
  • Say one of your times tables in less than 20 seconds
  • Run round the garden backwards saying one of your times tables
  • Measure the area and/or perimeter of your garden. your bedroom or another room in your house.