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Friday 15th October


We should have been doing music this afternoon so please spend some time practicing our 2 very special songs which we are going to be performing at our very special assembly next week. I can't say what they are as they are a secret but you know what they are!


It would also have been French this afternoon so click here to learn the numbers to 10.


We didn't get our reading done today either so curl up with a book for half an hour.

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Fantastic NEW READING resource  - why not have a look and enjoy

Virtual School Library - Click here 


Every week a popular children's author or illustrator will provide you with free books, exclusive videos and their top three recommended reads.



If parents could photograph any work their child does at home and email it to their teacher everyday this would be much appreciated. Your child deserves feedback and as teachers we need to see how children are performing in order to help them. Thank you

Links to Mrs Murray demonstrating how to do various maths techniques


Column Addition

Column Subtraction

Column Subtraction part 2

Diving Deeper

How to learn times tables

Long Division

Long multiplication

Place value

Short Division

Short Multiplication

Teachers' contact details


Mrs Murray's email address


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Homework reminder


Strive for 5 - read 5 times a week and get AN ADULT to listen to you and sign your homework book.

I believe our class can easily win the weekly Strive for 5 certificate! Come on we can do it!smiley


Times table practice - show me that you have practiced in your book on at least 4 different nights of the week and then you will be ready to show off your skills in class when we do our 3 minute Rockstar test everyday. 

USE TIMES ROCKSTARS, - the children who use it are definitely improving loads. I have genuinely heard children say, "I know my 9's because of Rockstars," and, "I am so much faster and it is all because of ROCKSTARS."


Spelling practice - show me that you have practiced your words in your book on at least 4 different nights of the week and then you will be able to spell your words easily on the test on Friday. Remember I love to see your pictures which include your spelling words wrote over and over again inside of them. USE SPELLING SHED - the children who are using it regularly are seeing a big improvement in their spelling.


Year 6 will have additional homework each week. You must do it not only to improve your skills but in order to get into a good routine for secondary school where no homework means detention!



Remember you will be rewarded for completing your homework AND striving for 5