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Safety, Learning and Respect - our three values. Thornhill Primary School is proud to be part of the West Lakes Multi-Academy Trust


Welcome to KS2's homeschooling information


Please make sure you look in the afternoon activity section. It is lessons we would normally teach in an afternoon. 


Teachers' contact details


Mrs Murray's email address


Mrs Hawkrigg's email address


Please bear with us as we get used to this whole new system of schooling. As you know school is open for children of key workers so we are busy supporting those children still in the building whilst setting and monitoring work for children working from home. We will endeavour to answer your emails and queries as quickly as possible however please remember we may not be contactable at certain times. If your enquiry is urgent feel free to call school during office hours on 01946 820402 and a message will be given to us. 


Thank you for your support at this time. We are here to support everyone and we will be making regular email and phone contact with you and your children. We would appreciate acknowledgement of any emails you receive. This is a new challenge for everyone but by working together I'm sure we will manage.


Advice for parents and carers looking after primary school children.


NEW Numbots

Same username and password as Times Tables Rockstars


David Walliams telling a story at 11am every day


NEW Daily ten maths fun


Accelerated Reader Link


Learning by Questions Link


Purple Mash Link


Times Table Rockstars


Spelling Shed


Joe Wicks Daily 30 minute work out





Launch of Numbots

Numbots is run by the same company as Times Tables Rockstars so all you need to

do is go to and use your username and password that you use for TTRS. It really is that easy. 

There are 2 modes to play and it will set off easy and make adjustments to what questions it gives you as you progress. You can't play the challenge mode until you are so far though the story mode. Get going it is great fun.




PARENTS - Look in Parent Information to see how you can help your child's well-being by encouraging them to use the 5 steps to Well-being everyday. Thanks for your help smiley

Homework reminder


Strive for 5 - read 5 times a week and get AN ADULT to listen to you and sign your homework book.

I believe our class can easily win the weekly Strive for 5 certificate! Come on we can do it!smiley


Times table practice - show me that you have practiced in your book on at least 4 different nights of the week and then you will be ready to show off your skills in class when we do our 3 minute Rockstar test everyday. 

USE TIMES ROCKSTARS, - the children who use it are definitely improving loads. I have genuinely heard children say, "I know my 9's because of Rockstars," and, "I am so much faster and it is all because of ROCKSTARS."


Spelling practice - show me that you have practiced your words in your book on at least 4 different nights of the week and then you will be able to spell your words easily on the test on Friday. Remember I love to see your pictures which include your spelling words wrote over and over again inside of them. USE SPELLING SHED - the children who are using it regularly are seeing a big improvement in their spelling.


Year 6 will have additional homework each week. You must do it not only to improve your skills but in order to get into a good routine for secondary school where no homework means detention!



Remember you will be rewarded for completing your homework AND striving for 5