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Safety, Learning and Respect - our three values. Thornhill Primary School is proud to be part of the West Lakes Multi-Academy Trust. 'Safeguarding given the highest priority' ( OFSTED 2019)

KS2 Afternoon activities

Monday 12th July


Mindful activities to calm you and PE to wake you all up


Mindful activities - choose any

  • Chill and watch some Bob Ross painting on Youtube
  • Go on Fitter future and do some mindful activities
  • Chat with your family about the would you rathers below. 






PE - Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons - remember you should be getting 60 minutes exercise a day


Once again we have some fun and energetic activities for you to pick from this afternoon:

  • NEW PLAY PE GAMES WITH HARRY! The video is down at the bottom of the page.
  • NEW AND MADE BY MRS TEMPLE - See below for your circuit training sessions. Please do try to do one session per week. Enjoy!
  • Click here to access a Chance to shine cricket session which was filmed last week
  • Please click on the link to do a yoga activity today. Try to encourage the adults, brothers and sisters in your house to join in too! Namaste 
  • Time yourself going round the house and picking up something that starts with every letter of the alphabet. How long did it take you to collect them. NOW set the timer again (this is the most important part) and run back round the hose putting everything back where it came from! 
  • Make up a dance to your favourite song and do it at least 5 times. Teach your dance to someone else and then see if you can both do it together at the same time.
  • Wrap up warm and persuade someone to go for a brisk walk around the village with you, try and do at least a mile like we do when we are at school. Remember to record your miles and these will go towards your 100 mile challenge award.
  • Joe Wicks Videos - Click here and complete a 20 minute full body workout
  • Enjoy some Go Noodle dances like we do in class
  • Log on to Fitter Future and have fun 











If you haven't already done your 30 minutes reading then please curl up and do it now. I cannot stress how important it is to keep reading EVERYDAY. Please sit a test if the book you are reading is an Accelerated Reader book 


Click here to access an Accelerated Reader test


If you didn't have a go at this on Monday, take some time to do it today. They look amazing!


We were going to be painting yesterday. I'd even bought you some lovely new paint brushes! As we have been studying landscapes I was going to get you to paint one. Now we are stuck in our houses this may be tricky!


I want you to go out into your garden and sketch what you can see. If you have paints feel free to paint. Attached are some of the ones year 5 and 6 did at Forest schools on Friday. They just dabbed their paint very gently and created some masterpieces. If you don't have paint you could dab with felt tips, pencil crayons or just a pencil. I would love to see some of your masterpieces. 


Afterwards why not watch some Joy of Painting with Bob Ross on Youtube and show your parents how great he is. 



RITC Online PE - Sending and recieving - Small (1).mov

Still image for this video

PE with Harry

Still image for this video

PE with Harry

Still image for this video

Circuit training

If you find yourself isolating then look here to see what to do