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Safety, Learning and Respect - our three values. Thornhill Primary School is proud to be part of the West Lakes Multi-Academy Trust

Intra School Games Young Leaders

Drain your Drinks June 2019

During the summer term, as part of our healthy lifestyles, we have been running a drain your drinks campaign from the Phunky Foods Programme. Our two ambassadors from year six have been trained and put together a powerpoint, run a poster competition and taken surveys in class 3. The powerpoint was shown in assembly as well as in class 3. 

The children have explained the benefits of keeping hydrated, especially throughout the summer! The children now know how keeping hydrated can affect their learning and energy levels. They were shown using cups and drinks bottles how much they should drink daily. The children are now making a determined effort to drink more throughout the day.

The best posters are now displayed around the building and the winners received water related prizes.

Change 4 Life Group June 2019

Our School Council sports committee along with our play leaders have been enjoying organising lots of games for this group of invited pupils.

Over the term the children have had treasure hunts, chasing games, parachute games to name but a few. They have had a lot of fun, as have the young leaders who organise the sessions for them. Great effort from all. 

Playleader Training February 2019

 This term we have taken part in playleader training. Mrs Lister from West Lakes Academy came into school to run the session. Our  younger current playleaders were joined by years 4 and 5 children as well as our midday supervisor. The sunshine made the training even more pleasurable. Whilst working in groups the children set up games and thought about how to make them simpler or more challenging to accommodate all age groups. We are proud to have so many well trained leaders in our school.

Fencing Taster Day February 2019

Our whole school thoroughly enjoyed the fencing taster day. Each class had the opportunity to work with the coach at their own level.The coach was very encouraging and in no time at all the pupils could hold the correct start position. move forward and stab their opponents with confidence. A lot of fun and the children were buzzing with excitement after their sessions. 

Bikeability January 2019

This month our years 5 and 6 pupils have completed their bikeability training. All of the pupils taking part in the training, which lasted four days, passed and were awarded a certificate and badge proving they are all worthy of riding on the roads. Despite the freezing temperatures the children really enjoyed learning about rsafe riding and bike maintenance.