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How much sleep should my child get?

Below shows average total sleep times including any naps.


Age                      Average total sleep

2 years                       11 to 14 hours

3 years                       10 to 13 hours

4 years                       10 to 13 hours

5 years                        10 to 13 hours

6 years                        9 to 11 hours

7 years                        9 to 11 hours

8 years                        9 to 11 hours


Keep in mind that most kids need a lot of sleep – usually more than parents allow for. Sleep expert Jodi Mindell, author of Sleeping Through the Night, says that if a child has poor sleep habits or refuses to nap or go to bed before 10 at night, his parents often assume that he just doesn't need much sleep. That's probably not the case – it's more likely that such a child is actually sleep deprived, resulting in hyper, overtired behaviour at bedtime.


If you think your child may be sleep deprived, ask yourself:


· Does my child frequently fall asleep while riding in the car?

· Do I have to wake him almost every morning?

· Does he seem cranky, irritable, or overtired during the day?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, your child may not be getting as much sleep as his body needs. To change this pattern, you'll need to help him develop good sleep habits like developing a consistent bedtime routine, setting an appropriate bedtime, and sticking to both every night.