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Safety, Learning and Respect - our three values. Thornhill Primary School is proud to be part of the West Lakes Multi-Academy Trust. 'Safeguarding given the highest priority' ( OFSTED 2019)


Curriculum Intent- History

At Thornhill and Arlecdon Primary School we believe that children should learn about themselves and their history. It is part of Learning about Our World, a key element of our Curriculum.

Our Early Years Curriculum enables children to explore and develop in knowledge and skill through themes. Many of these themes ensure the chance to develop a basic understanding of history, a sense of time passing, and that society was different in the past. We aim for children to have the following skills and knowledge by the end of the EYFS:

  • To know what is meant by past, present and future
  • To understand that things change over time (eg) homes, toys, clothing


We aim for all children to have the following skills and knowledge by the end of Key Stage One:

  • To be able to talk about key persons of historical and cultural significance including local figures
  • To understand key local traditions and significant events in the national calendar and to be able to speak about them with confidence
  • To be able to talk about changes in society outside of their lifetime (eg) How children were taught in school, how people travelled


We aim for all children to have the following skills and knowledge by the end of Key stage Two:

  • To be able to place events on a timeline and understand AD/ BC
  • To have a secure basic understanding of key events in the history of Great Britain from the first people through to the Norman Conquest.
  • To be able to speak about periods they have studied and recognise key elements of the period and why these were significant.
  • To recognise that Great Britain has a long history of immigration and the effects of this on society now and in the past, including Roman settlements in Cumbria.
  • To know the difference between Primary and Secondary sources and the role played by Historians and Archaeologists in finding out about the past.
  • To relate learning of history to British Values.


Early Years

Key Stage One coverage

Key Stage Two coverage

The following Early Years themes have a history link- Dinosaurs


traditional tales

Our village

Kings and Queens






toys and games

traditional tales


Historical traditions in our locality (eg) crab fair


Historical events in the past  (eg)Gunpowder plot


People of historical significance

(eg) Florence Nightingale/ Edith Cavell/ Louis Pasteur/ Christopher Columbus/ Neil Armstrong


The history of our local village and the history of Whitehaven


Homes in the past

Toys and games in the past

Trains and transport in the past

Holidays in the past


Early People In Britain- Stone and Iron age and impact of Roman Invasion


Roman presence in Cumbria( and beyond) . Focus on Carlisle/ Maryport  and  ‘Reiver’ history


Anglo-Saxon life, examples of local Anglo-Saxon settlements


The Vikings- invasions and impact


Norman invasion in 1066- local presence- Egremont Castle, Carlisle Castle


Changing roles of Women from early to modern times


Ancient Greece and achievements including culture, medicine and politics- 


History of democracy from ancient Greece to modern day


History of immigration to the UK/ Black History of the UK


Ancient Egypt study


The Mayan’s – a study


Personal study: Economic changes in the locality-

changes in farming

changes in tourism

changes in how energy is produced: from mining to nuclear