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Wednesday 27th January

Please could parents take a photo of their child's work and email it to me at It is very important I can see what your child has done and assess the quality of their work - thank you




To investigate letter strings: -ough, -ear, -ou, -au, -ice

Write out your spellings at least 3 times each. Why not draw a picture and squeeze then in it like we do in class sometimes.




MAIN ACTIVITY - Making our own book

It would be an awful shame not to turn your brilliant writing with Mrs C into a masterpiece to be proud of so you are going to make your own book. 


Writing up the 14th and 15th Jan work neatly today 


We are doing what we did yesterday. Please go slow and steady when editing. Yesterday some people in class found ALL of their own mistakes I know you can too. 


FIRST - Get a different colour to the one you wrote in. Look at the very first sentences you wrote with Mrs C back on the 11th January. 

SECOND  - Read through your work SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY checking you have capital letters and full stops in the right places and make any corrections.. 

THIRD - Read back through your work again SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY, circle any words you think you may have spelt incorrectly. Now try and correct your mistakes. Some you may be able to correct yourself, others you may need to ask an adult for or use a dictionary book or online dictionary.

FOURTH - Read back through your work again SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY, making sure each sentence makes sense and you haven't missed out any words. 

FIFTH - Read back one last time to make sure you are happy with all your word choices. You may decide that a word doesn't sound quite right. If this happens then you can choose a more appropriate word from your word bank. 

SIXTH - Now it is time to use your NEATEST JOINED HANDWRITING and A GOOD PEN to write your sentences


Each day's worth of writing needs to go on a new page so you can go back and illustrate your work

Once you have copied your work you need to illustrate all the space left on the page with a fabulous picture.


Make a front cover

You also need to make your front cover (that doesn't have to be today). Remember you are the author so your name needs to go on the front cover and if you want to choose your own title for your book that is great. I've attached the real front cover but you can make yours however you want 


If you only did some days of Mrs C I would still like you to write it up and send it to me so I can see your work




Comprehension - Only for those people who aren't writing up Mrs C work

Those people who DID NOT do Mrs C work so don't have anything to write up in neat need to Log on to Purple Mash and look in your 2do’s. Read two chapters of your book that has been set and complete the quiz to go with each chapter. Complete ONE of the activities linked to one of the chapters you have read.



This week I have uploaded a grammar revision document, a workbook and the answers (no peeking until you need to mark your work!) They can be found below the instructions about curling up to have a good read.


Each day I want you to read through the revision document to refresh your mind about different word classes like noun and verb and complete the questions as you go along. 


Then I need you to open the booklet and have a go at the answers. You don't need to print it out you can just write out the answers in your book. 


Then you need to check your answers using a different colour pen and make any corrections


Monday - I want you to do the NOUN  part of the revision document and the booklet 

Tuesday - I want you to do the VERB  part of the revision document and the booklet

Wednesday - I want you to do the ADJECTIVES part of the revision document and the booklet

Thursday - I want you to do the ADVERBS part of the revision document and the booklet

Friday - I want you to play an English game of your choice on Purple mash Look at Text Toolkit Grammar Games.

Walliams group you should be playing Flying High or Soaring Eagle games

Dahl group you should be playing First Flight or Flying High games



***********VERY VERY IMPORTANT*************



Curl up anywhere and enjoy reading your accelerated reader book that I delivered to you.


I cannot stress enough how important it is to read for AT LEAST 30 minutes a day. We do this in class and it really must be done at home too.


Children should be finishing their books and sitting an accelerated reader test when they have completed their book. The link to accelerated reader is here  Once they have sat a test email me and let me know that they need a new book. I can look at their score and deliver a new book of the correct level.


Purple mash chapter 2do’s - you have lots of 2do's set which involve reading a chapter of a book and doing a quiz after the chapter. i am happy for you to do these whenever you want but you must read your school reading book for some of the time too