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Safety, Learning and Respect - our three values. Thornhill Primary School is proud to be part of the West Lakes Multi-Academy Trust. 'Safeguarding given the highest priority' ( OFSTED 2019)


Monday 1st to Friday 5th March

I have to fill in a form every week to say how much work you are doing. If I can't see your work then I have to assume you haven't done it. Please send me evidence of your work. I love to see it and I will give you some feedback. 


Friday 5th March - Choose an activity from the MAIN section after your spelling test. For a plenary you can choose from the activities I've left on from yesterday. If you want to listen to Tom Fletcher tell one of his funny stories go to puffin books on you tube.  


Spelling starter

Mon - I want you to log on to spelling shed this morning and write down your ten spellings from there 3 times each

Tue - I want you to play spelling shed for ten minutes

Wed- I want you to draw a picture and write your spellings in it. 

Thu - I want you to play spelling shed for ten minutes

Fri - I want you to get an adult to test you on your spellings


Main - World Book Day week activities

Below I have listed the classes that I want you to choose your main activity from everyday this week. Each day you will pick a different one and complete the activities below. Each class has a video to listen to, an extract to read and a page called resources which has ideas that you can work through. The things you MUST do for each one are listed below but feel free to do any others that capture your imagination.


The link to all the activities is here Scroll down until you find the heading "Choose your academy class" and then make your choice for the day


Interactive picture books with Tom Fletcher (author of Christmasaurus)

1st - Listen to the video

2nd - Read the extract there’s a wolf in your book



Tom describes how he likes to imagine lots of different characters and what they might do in a book – for example: a dragon might set it on fire; an elf might be mischievous!

• It’s time to find some inspiration for your own imaginative story character! Remember, like Tom

says, ideas don’t always come straight away; so don’t worry if you can’t think of anything at first.

Here are some ideas to start with – for each of the character suggestions, try to think of what might

happen in a story: a UNICORN, a CROCODILE, a SNAKE or a SPIDER!

• Come up with your own ‘Who’s in Your Book’ character. Who are they? What do they like? What

do they do in the book? Draw your character and share it with your friends and family members!


I want you to come up with 5 different characters. You can draw them but they must have labels to them describing them using a variety of expanded noun phrases. Eg. long grey curly hair, rough green spiky horns, mint green hollow eyes



Alex Belloe and ben Lyttleton – Ready, set, write. On the pitch with FOOTBALL SCHOOL

1st Listen to the video

2nd read the extract from Football School

3rd – Read the resources sheet and answer the discuss the extract questions


*Draw an outline of a star. Think about what makes a footballer like Marcus Rashford a star. What makes him fantastic? Is it about being great on the pitch, or does behaviour off the pitch matter too?

Write down your ideas inside your star template.

*Think about what makes a TOP Team. Does a Top Team always have to have the best players in it? Think about your favourite Top Team and use them to create a ‘recipe’ for a Top Team. Remember to put the weight of each thing eg. a kilogram of determination, 500g of skill. Write a list of ingredients and then a method of what you have to mix together and how you have to cook it!

*In the video, Alex and Ben talk about how their fantastic stories about football also help us learn about the world. The book is about inspirational stories of achievement – both on and off the pitch!

*Create a list of ideas of how you would change the world for the better!

*Every football club has a club badge and a motto that symbolises what they stand for. Create your own personal badge and motto that reflect the most important things in your life.


Zanib Mian - Fantastic Families

1st - listen to the video 

2nd - Read the extract Planet Omar (we have one of these books in class)

3rd - Read the resource page and answer the discuss the extract questions


Create 7 new characters of your own based on your classmates, your friends and your family. Draw them and create pages showing them like Zanib did in her extract. Make sure you have at least 5 arrows going to each character to tell me about them. What their personality is, what strange things they have done in the past, what they like to do, why they are a good friend/family member etc. 


Humza Arshad and Henry White - Don't judge a book by it's cover

1st - listen to the video 

2nd - Read the extract Little Badman

3rd - Read the resource page and answer the discuss the extract questions


FOOD THAT GIVES YOU POWERS! In the book, Humza and his friends eat a box of delicious samosas that give them all superpowers! Cool! What food or drink could give you powers? • If you could choose an item of food or a drink to give you superpowers, what would it be? Would it be magic? Radioactive? Would it be from the future? What superpower would it give you?

List 7 foods and tell me what superpowers they would give you (they all have to contain different superpowers. 


Create a comic-strip style story showing what happens when you consume one or two of your chosen food or drink. What will your setting be? Will it be at a meteor shower, like in the story, or somewhere more inconspicuous, like the school canteen? 

If you had superpowers, which unlikely person would you befriend to help you? Someone you never thought you’d be friends with? Perhaps a school bully? Or an evil villain? Or the strictest teacher ever! Add them to your comic strip. Remember, it’s important not to judge people before you’ve given them a chance!


Sita Brahmachari - inspirations for storytelling flow

1st - listen to the video 

2nd - Read the extract The River Whale

3rd - Read the resource page and answer the discuss the extract questions


If you could have ten dreams that would come true what would they be. 5 can be things that will make life better for you and 5 will be things that will make the world a better place. Use two pages of your book and write out your dreams and illustrate them. Be creative with how you set out your work so it is a masterpiece. Don't rush it, keep it tidy and well thought out


Katherine Rundell -  Imagine a wild adventure

1st - listen to the video 

2nd - Read the extract The River Whale

3rd - Read the resource page and answer the discuss the extract questions

4th ACTIVITIES - either do activity 1 and 2 or do activity 3 (you can do all 3 if you want!)

1. In the video, Katherine talks about taking inspiration from real life exciting incidents that put people at the very edge of themselves, in danger, relying on the ‘hidden parts’ of themselves. Katherine talks about a man called Philippe Petit tight-roping between the two towers of Notre Dame in 1971. What sort of qualities do you think you need to be able to do something like this? Search for an image of Philippe Petit completing his stunt in 1971. Use the image to create a description of a dangerous, daring act, high up in the sky. How can you create the sense of danger and tension in your writing? Design and draw your own dangerous stunt between famous world landmarks and write a paragraph all about it


2. Katherine talks about how we always forget to look up. She describes her own adventures on rooftops in Oxford, finding mystery items and imagining people who live above. Take a moment during your day to look up. Maybe you can see lots of tall buildings, or perhaps just a few chimneys. Maybe you can see birds and trees.  Draw a sketch of what you see when you look up. Once you have created your sketch, populate your scene with new details from your imagination. For example, you could add a mystery item or object. Or you might want to add a character or two. Once you have your picture write a paragraph describing what is going to happen next if the scene were part of an adventure story


3. Choose a character from your favourite book. Write a story inspired by what might have happened to them before the story started . . . Remember, there are many adventures that we go on in life! 



Extra plenary activities from yesterday


Plenary practice


* play one of the vocab ninja min games for ten minutes such as synonym stars by clicking here

*Play Spelling Shed for 10 minutes

*Listen to some Grammasuarus grammar songs for ten minutes

verbs -

nouns -

parenthesis -

adverbs and adverbials -

inverted commas -

subordinating conjunctions (White bus) -

co-ordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS) -

subordinating conjunctions part 2 -

independent clauses -

expanded noun phrases -

past and progressive tense - 

past perfect tense -

past simple tense -

modal verbs -


***********VERY VERY IMPORTANT*************



Curl up anywhere and enjoy reading your accelerated reader book that I delivered to you.


I cannot stress enough how important it is to read for AT LEAST 30 minutes a day. We do this in class and it really must be done at home too.


Children should be finishing their books and sitting an accelerated reader test when they have completed their book. The link to accelerated reader is here  Once they have sat a test email me and let me know that they need a new book. I can look at their score and deliver a new book of the correct level.


Purple mash chapter 2do’s - you have lots of 2do's set which involve reading a chapter of a book and doing a quiz after the chapter. i am happy for you to do these whenever you want but you must read your school reading book for some of the time too