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Safety, Learning and Respect - our three values. Thornhill Primary School is proud to be part of the West Lakes Multi-Academy Trust. 'Safeguarding given the highest priority' ( OFSTED 2019)


Please can all written work go into your homework books. If your homework book is full you can message me on Purple Mash or your parents can email me and I can drop a new one off for you. I can also swap any Accelerated Readers that you have finished with. 

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Wednesday 27th January 

Good morning everyone! 


HANDWRITING - In your neatest handwriting, write a sentence with as many ‘L's’ in it as possible. But it still has to make sense!



If you have not completed the work with Mrs C please let me know so I can deliver you some paper based alternative English work.

I am very proud of all the work you have done with Mrs C.

Please read the full main activity steps before starting your work.

MAIN ACTIVITY - Making our own book

I am so impressed with your work with Mrs C, it would be a shame if we didn't show it off. I want us all to have something we can be proud of and this is the perfect chance to re-read your work.


Today I want you to look back to the third and fourth session with Mrs C (13th/ 14th January). 

FIRST - Get a different colour to the one you wrote in. Look at the very first sentences you wrote with Mrs C back on the 11th January. 

SECOND  - Read through your work SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY checking you have capital letters and full stops in the right places and make any corrections.. 

THIRD - Read back through your work again SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY, circle any words you think you may have spelt incorrectly. Now try and correct your mistakes. Some you may be able to correct yourself, others you may need to ask an adult for or use a dictionary book or online dictionary.

FOURTH - Read back through your work again SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY, making sure each sentence makes sense and you haven't missed out any words. 

FIFTH - Read back one last time to make sure you are happy with all your word choices. You may decide that a word doesn't sound quite right. If this happens then you can choose a more appropriate word from your word bank. 

SIXTH - Now it is time to use your NEATEST JOINED HANDWRITING and A GOOD PEN to write your sentences from the 11th January neatly onto a new page. LEAVE A BLANK PAGE BEFORE YOU WRITE TO USE FOR YOUR FRONT COVER. You are going to need 10 pages in total so if you want to do it all at the back of your book you can to keep it from getting mixed up in all your other schoolwork

If you have lined paper write on that, if not write in your book but only use one side of your page and then when we get back to school we can cut out the pages and make a book. 

Once you have copied your work you need to illustrate all the space left on the page with a fabulous picture.

Make a front cover

You also need to make your front cover (that doesn't have to be today). Remember you are the author so your name needs to go on the front cover and if you want to choose your own title for your book that is great. I've attached the real front cover but you can make yours however you want.


If you only did some days of Mrs C, I would still like you to write it up and send it to me so I can see your work.


Spelling Shed - Play everyday to practice your weekly spellings. Start with the easy level and work your way up to the hardest! 



Find a quiet, cosy place and curl up with anything to read for 30 minutes. We do it in class everyday and it's really important. I can't wait to hear what books you have been enjoying, maybe you could tell me in your email. Please let me know if you need another book and I can drop one off for you.