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Friday 22nd May



Talk for Writing Day 5

We are using your booklet I delivered on Friday called the Rhi-swano-zeb-tah



If you haven't created your own mixed up animal that is your first task today. you can either draw it or click here and create one this way. 


Activity 1

Complete the planning sheet on page 25 about your amazing animal that you have created which is made up of parts of different animals.


If you are a bit worried about starting to write then click here VRW2gbiXcMY to listen to the rhiswanozebtah text again or read it through again on pages 6 and 7 of your booklet. 


Activity 2 

Go for it...write your information text then read it through carefully and check for any mistakes which you can find yourself. Remember to look back in the booklet and use some of those great sentence ideas that you have be using throughout the week.


Please take your time and check it really carefully. I have given you less maths work today so you can spend much longer on this piece of writing.



Reading - at least 30 minutes- PLEASE DO THIS IT IS VERY IMPORTANT

Curl up anywhere and enjoy a good read for 30 minutes. If you are still reading accelerated reader books from school then read that and when you have finished sit a test on it. Email me on Purple mash to let me know how you scored. 


FUN ACTIVITY Click here if you need some inspiration for a new book. Have a look at the Book trust's list of best 100 books for 9-11 year olds or just browse and do the quiz to see how many of the op 100 books you have read. I'll definitely be doing the quiz and having a look.




Test today, get someone to test you on the words you have been learning this week. Those that you get wrong write out 3 times.