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READING is so important that I'm afraid you will have to do this as well as a starter, main course and pudding. You need to do 30 minutes a day but can break this into two 15 minute chunks if you prefer.




  • 20 minutes English grammar games on Purple mash 
  • 20 minutes english activities on LBQ. There are lots to choose from and the choice is yours. Click here to access the right strand of LBQ. You don't put your name in this version. 
  • Listen to David Walliams for 20 minutes telling one of his great stories. Click here
  • Click here to access Spelling frame, choose some spellings of your choice suitable for your ability (not too hard and not too easy), play some of the games and sit a test when you feel confident.
  • Play Spelling Shed for 20 minutes 





  • Find out 5 facts about any country in the world
  • Research when William Wordsworth was born, when he died and why he is linked to Cumbria
  • Make a poster of different types of nouns, eg. proper, concrete, abstract etc
  • Find out 5 facts about your favourite author
  • Find out how many books David Walliams has wrote for children, if you have read any which is your favourite and why?
  • Go on you tube (with an adult watching) and find grammasuarus songs. Click here to access a whole range. Listen to some, sing along and have a dance too!
  • Read a poem aloud to an audience
  • Tell 6 good jokes using superb expression in your voice
  • Read a page of any book aloud using lots of expression to keep your listener interested.
  • Write out one of the words from the document below called words often spelt incorrectly (and which you find hard to spell) 10 times. Now spell it it loud 10 times and then see if you can remember how to spell it tomorrow. Can you think of a funny way of remembering it?
  • Play the game where you say a sentence and then someone else says the next sentence in order to make a short story.