Absence and Lates Procedure

“Through a range of effective measures, you were successful in raising school attendance to 96.6% last year. You have remained proactive in your pursuit of improvements. You have worked closely with the local authority attendance officer to challenge those who miss school the most. You quickly deal with issues that affect attendance and provide tailored support to families when needed. You continue to promote and celebrate attendance through regular newsletters and assemblies. Attendance for current pupils remains above the national average.” (Ofsted 2019)



The school has a duty to monitor the attendance of pupils and to encourage 100% attendance in all pupils. By law parents/carers are required to ensure their child attends school regularly and punctually. All absences must be accounted for either by letter, phone call or special absence form.

The school can no longer authorise holidays or other days off, unless there are exceptional circumstances. If you believe an absence falls in to this category, you need to inform the Governing Body by letter.

Please do not take Year 2 and Year 6 students out of school during May as this is when examinations take place.

Parents are asked to give as much notice as possible if they intend to take their child off the school roll. We will need details of your new address and school in order for records to be passed on.

Pupils with 100% attendance during the school year are given a certificate at the end of the year.

For full copies of our attendance policy are available from the school office.

Holidays during term time

Please try to arrange family holidays during school holidays, wherever possible.  Following changes in government legislation Head teachers no longer have the power to authorise family holidays in term time.  Head teachers may grant a leave of absence in exceptional circumstances and if you believe your circumstances are exceptional you can make a request to the school.