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Websites to learn from and have fun

Our science topic this half term is Food chains and food webs. Click the link to take you to BBC Bitesize to play games about food chains and learn lots of information to help you in science. Its fun I promise, I've just had a go!smiley

Spellingframe. If you are struggling with your spelling or fancy playing a fun game that teaches you your spelling at the same time then click on the link below and start enjoying yourself. There are lots of free games, go on have a go!

Websites to research a variety of topics and fun facts at:


What are you interested in? What topics are we currently studying which you could find out more about?


Go to this link and scroll down to the Rocks and soils topic. Play the video and have a go at the quiz.

This is a fantastic link to lots and lots of information about the Vikings  Have a good look and I guarantee you will find out some fascinating information.
BBC bitesize is a fantastic website there are links to science, English and maths and lots of videos and quizzes to keep you entertained. Look up some of the topics we are studying this half term and see what you can find out

 Google "DK find out" if the following link won't work

This is a fantastic encyclopaedia type website where you can find out about everything and anything. go on take a look.

This is a great resource with video clips and a quiz to make sure you use the internet safely and know what to do if you come across anything suspicious or anything that worries you. Remember - TELL A TRUSTED ADULT


Purple mash

remember to use Purple Mash to practice your maths, English and science skills