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Shortlisted as School of the Year in 2016-17


Snack week beginning 27/11/17

The children were pleased to try brioche this week, plus: strawberry yoghurt,pear,orange,banana,cereal and toast.  The children have asked for pancakes next week, so hopefully we can have those.

Snack week beginning 20/11/17

We have enjoyed :cereal,pears,tangerines,cheesy biscuits,toast and bananas this week.  Plus milkshake!

Snack Week Beginning 13/7/11

This week we enjoyed some of Poppy's birthday cake. Also we ate: pears,tangerines,bananas,peas, raisins, toast and Pom Bears.

Super Soup!

Super Soup! 1

Snack Week 06/11/17

This week some of the children noticed that Mrs Heppell had soup for lunch.  They were very interested to hear that she made her own tomato soup and asked her a lot of questions.  The very next day we made tomato soup with the children and they ate it for snack.  In addition we offered: cheesy biscuits, Cheerios, toast and cheese.





The Nursery and Reception children have access to a snack everyday.  They are always offered water and milk to drink and at least one fruit or vegetable.  In addition we ask for £3.00 snack money from parents to buy additional snack items for the children to try and to ensure that the children have access to foods from different food groups.


Snack is an important time in the day when the children learn to wash hands, share,take turns and pour their own milk. We sit at a table and tidy up.