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Shortlisted as School of the Year in 2016-17

School Sport

Kingswood Residential 2017

Our Key Stage Two pupils spent three days enjoying outward bound activities at the Kingswood Centre in June. The weather was rather wet, but they had a great time!


Sports day 2017

On June 15th our school held it's annual sports day. Every child in the school took part, even the pupils who felt nervous rose to the challenge, overcame their fears and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There were flat races, egg and spoon, sack race and whole team relays.


A fantastic turnout from family and friends meant we had a lot of takers for our toddler races and adult egg and spoon too. The cheers were as loud for them as they were for each team during their races when competing for the trophy. 


It was a close event with Custard Crew coming third, Beastly Blues second and Raging Reds took first place.   

KS2 Cricket Tournament


On Monday 19th June 10 pupils from years 5 and 6 took part in a kwik cricket tournament at egremont cricket club. Seven schools entered this event. The sun shone and the temperatures sored as well as the balls scoring sixes and fours.

Our team played as well as they could and worked well as ateam showing off their improved skills from a term of coaching. despite the fact we didn't make the fsemi finals all of our pupils enjoyed this event and were happy with their performance.

The picnic lunch beneath the shade of the parasols made this day even better. Well done to all who took part.


Sponsored Walk 2017


 A big well done to every child in the school, including nursery, who completed their sponsored walks on Wednesday. It was one of the hottest days of the year so far and despite the heat everyone finished the walk intact. A brilliant achievement.


Our walk was made extra special with lots of family and friends joining us. Two adults very keenly did both walks, so a big thankyou to all of you.


Thankyou also for collecting sponsers and raising money for our fire retardant curtains for the stage (as requested by the children through the school council). The final amount will follow when all monies are counted.


“I really liked that walk,” said a three year old boy from the nursery.


“When it rained it was like being in the rain forest,” a year five girl.


“That is such a beautiful walk, I have a new walk to go on now,” an adult friend of the children.


"I took my Mum on our walk this weekend, she's never been there before." pupil two weeks after this event.


It is brilliant to know families in nthe community are using this route themselves outside of school.  


Netball Tournament


On Monday 22nd May years 5 and 6 entered a netball competition at West Lakes Academy. It was abeautiful day and our team had exceptionally close games but just couldn,t quite get a win. The team worked hard and showed off their skills learned during the half term sessions in school.esn't feel like we lost because our 

"It doesn't feel like we've lost today because we weren't thrtashed." said a year six boy. Everyone felt the same. it was nice there was no disappointment from the team as the scores did not justify the result. We finishe seventh out of seven teams.

Well done for your efforts.


Keystage 2 Gymnastics Competition


On Friday 10th March we took part in a cluster gymnastics competition at St Benedict's School, Whitehaven. We entered one team in the Keysteps 2 competition (years 3 and 4,) and one team in the Keysteps 3 competition (years 5 and 6,) both in the small school section.


There were 216 competitors from schools throughout Copeland making this a very busy and exciting event.


Our pupils did themselves and the school proud, overcoming nerves and a technical fault with their music to carry on and produce amazing floor routines. Their hard work and commitment to after school club, break and lunchtime practice certainly paid off.

Both of our teams were placed 4th out of six schools in their category.


Well done to you all. 


Keysteps 1 Gymnastics


On Thursday 16th February we took part in the cluster gymnastics competition at Montreal school. Our team did us proud over coming their initial nerves to give a good performance. Sadly one of our team was off school sick that day and missed the event, but the rest of the team carried on regardless. Well done to all of you. Parents enjoyed watching the team repeat their performance during good work assembly on Friday morning. 


 Thornhill Primary are thrilled to announce that they achieved a School Games Gold Award for 2015-16




Our Sports Co-ordinator Jennifer Temple worked with Onside Soccer Coach Brian Dawson in the Summer Term. Our assessment shows that 85% of children in Key Stage Two made progress in football skills during a six week block of training. The children had great fun and Mrs Temple said:


"I learned alot from working with Brian, the children enjoyed themselves and I will use many of these techniques for my lessons in the future."


Sports Premium funding and spending

Schools are allocated a sum of money to improve the quality of PE provision within their schools. The PE co-ordinator is responsible to the school leaders and Ofsted for the spending of this money and to measure its impact.

In the financial year 2014- 2015, the school received: £8008

In the financial year 2015- 2016 the school has received £4593.98 and expects to receive another £4000 by the end of the school year


Our Spending Priorities in 2014-2015




Sports Coaching weekly and after school clubs onside coaching


Cricket coaching ( all pupils and after school)


Roller skating visit


Equipment –  gymnastic mats


PE Equipment repairs


Additional equipment


Transport to and from events


In-hall projector to allow for pupils to watch good examples of sports practice as part of their PE lessons


Additional PE equipment for games


PA system







·         Pupils remembering PE kits and participation in PE has increased across school

·         Gym mats increase time pupils spend active as these are quick to put up and down. These are also safer, as there are no gaps between maps

·         One pupil know attends a gym club outside school now owing to interest sparked in school

·         Transport allows us to take more pupils then previously, since we used to use cars. More pupils can take part in inter-school sport

·         Gymnastics and dance PE has improved in quality using new projector and PA system

·         Outdoor equipment bought for playshed – now every child is involved in physical activity during playtimes, rather than sitting around

·         KS1 children attended ‘change for life’ programme- high uptake from those who not normally participate in after school sport

·         Pupil surveys show 88% children felt there skills in PE had improved in most or all areas ( July 2015)

·         Pupil surveys 83% children said they played better with their peers when they had equipment to use at play and lunch times ( July 2015)


Our Spending priorities in 2015-2016



Training for staff and supply cover payment ( Impact factor)


Sports coaching paid in advance for 2015-16


Active 8 lesson plans education on healthy lifestyles- eating and physical movement for KS1 pupils with activities for home and KS2 for 2016-17




Cricket coaching


Whole day PE lesson


Outdoor Adventure day


Early Years outdoor focus – Seaside/ forest schools transport


PE Equipment


Sports focus trip


Fixed basketball hoop


Early Years physical development





Intended Impact

Develop and extend the outside area in the early years, providing equipment to develop fine and gross motor skills

Increase numbers of children who do sport outside school

Educate children and their families on making healthier choices for themselves, for life

Chances to do unusual sporting activities- beach, forest day, outdoor adventure

Pupils practice skills during break times

Continued enthusiasm for sport linked to competitions and confidence gained from coaches and skill development