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Halloween party 2017

Well done councillors for requesting another party. Even the parents had fun joining in the games this year!!!

School Council Election


On  Friday 15th September we held our school election day to select our new council for the year. Our new councillors are very excited to get going and came to their first meeting with lots of ideas to start us off. Our chair person and secretary are to be the three year sixes voted onto the council.  They will chair the meetings and write up the minutes with guidance from Mrs Temple.


During our first meeting on 21st September, the most important request was to organise a Halloween party in October. The children requested more games and activities but no dancing this year, a slight change to last year. 

A request was made to do the tenner challenge later in the year, where groups of children are given a small budget to prepare something to sell and the group with the highest profit will be the winners of the challenge. The profit goes into school funds for the children to decide what to spend it on.

Another request was put forward to reinstate our playleaders this year at lunchtimes. we will aim to have a sports sub committee to help organise sporting events throughout the school year.


Our next council meeting will be on Thursday 9th November.

Red Nose Day 2017

On Friday 24th March we took part in a wacky wardrobe day to raise money for the national Red Nose Day appeal. At the beginning of this school year our School Council requested that we continue to support national charities as well as raising money for our school.


Both staff and children made a very big effort to dress in a funny way which made for a fun and happy day of work in our classes.


Thankyou to our parents for providing such  wacky outfits for their children. Thankyou also for your contributions. We raised £55.10 in total.   


Copeland Small Schools Cluster- School Council Meeting- Friday 7th October 2016


At the beginning of each school year we hold elections and every child votes for suitable candidates to represent their year group.  They meet half termly and discuss issues given to them by members of staff/pupils/governors and friends of school.  This year they have chosen 5 charities to support throughout our school year and helped organise fundraising events.  They have completed a PE survey with pupils during playtimes on behalf of the Sports Co-ordinator.  We have met with Gosforth School council to share ideas and a local councillor came to school and worked with the councillors on 'Public Speaking' .  They then went on to organise their own 'Public Speaking Competition' which  has now become an annual event.

This year the School Council will be carrying out several key actions:

1. Collecting information on behalf of the Governing Body and reporting back

2. Organising key fundraising events (eg) Christmas party

3. Organising 'fun' events through the year (eg) Halloween Party

4. Working with other School Councils within the cluster to debate several key issues including healthy eating and sugar in food and cyber bullying 


Halloween Disco


The School Council organised a disco on the last day of term to raise funds for school.  The children and staff all dressed up and had a great time.