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100 mile challenge

Congratulations Nathan, you are the first pupil to complete 100 miles!!

well done, great effort.

Good luck to everyone else.

100 mile challenge achiever

100 mile challenge achiever 1

2018 School Council school games sub committee

2018 School Council school games sub committee 1

2018 Playleaders

2018 Playleaders 1

Years 5/6 gym team 2018

Years 5/6 gym team 2018  1

Year 3/4 gym team 2018

Year 3/4 gym team 2018 1

KS2 Gymnastics Competition 2018


On Friday 8th December our two KS2 gymnastics teams took part in the Copeland final at St Benedicts school Whitehaven.  Both teams performed well rehearsed routines with confidence. They enjoyed watching other school perform and meeting up with friends too.

A very big well done to our years 5/6 team who were runners up in the small school category!!! All of their hard work and commitment to practicing paid off. 

KS1 Gymnastics Competition


Well done to our infant team.

Everyone tried their hardest at Montreal school.

The children enjoyed taking part in a competition.

Our team were placed 4th in the small school section.


Hockey tournament

On 5th November our years 5 and 6 pupils took part in the kwik sticks hockey event at West Lakes Academy. Every team played four matches. Our team had challenging and very close games that were very exciting to watch. We  had a win two draws and a loss and were placed 2nd in our group.

The team thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and gave 100% effort in every game. Thornhill you should feel proud.

100 Mile Challenge 2018/19

We have entered our school into the 100 mile challenge. Over this academic year all pupils and staff will be striving to walk as many miles as possible. We are confident that a lot of our pupils will reach 100 miles over the next three terms.

We have a course mapped out in our playground and the classes regularly complete a mile of walking. Miles are recorded on class charts and individual record cards can be used for active miles outside of school too. Running, cycling, scooting or any other method of physical movement can be used and recorded on personal cards. A mile has been mapped out around Thornhill Village and given to every pupil for out of school hours. We hope families enjoy walking together!

Lots of rewards will be given out to pupils along the way. We look forward to handing out rewards in good work assembly.

Good luck eveyone. Get Walking!!! 




On Monday 24th September Key Stage 2 took part in a X-Counrty event at Egremont Rugby Union. Our teams tried hard and came 4th in the small schools section. Well done to you all. Our year 5/6 girls were asked to join with Ennerdale boys to complete their team in the final at Hensingham on Monday 8th October. Good luck girls!!

Mrs Temple is our PE Co-ordinator

Mrs Temple is our PE Co-ordinator 1

Thornhill School takes pride in the inclusive and varied nature of our sports' provision. 

We use our money carefully and thoughtfully, to maximise opportunites for pupils and up-skill staff. We also recognise that we live in an area with high levels of poor health and obesity and that good lifestyle habits should be taught and early to become ingrained.

Twice yearly meetings help to co-ordinate funding and highlight areas for development.


The key impact of our funding has been on:

- participation for all

- Early years physical development

- healthy eating

- embracing the outdoors in our locailty

-engaging parents and carers in sport

- helping staff to develop confidence


We believe that by highlighting a range of sports and healthy eating choices, we can provide an alternative to negative attitudes to activity/ healthy lifestyles held in the community. 

From September 2017, we have embraced the 'Phunky foods' initiative as part of this process. We are also working on a platinum mark for sport in 2018-19.





This half term KS2 are enjoying archery as part of their varied PE curriculum. All the children are learning new skills and some have taken up the opportunity to take part in the after school archery club too.

Summer Term Swimming

All pupils from Reception through to Year 6 are included in the weekly Summer Term swimming sessions.  This year all 8 of the Year 6 pupils met the quota to swim 25 metres and perform a rescue with 7 out of 8 comfortable using a range of strokes.


Our last swimming session of the year is a 'fun swim'

School Games Mark Award

Thornhill School is proud to announce the result of their school games mark application.

We have been awarded gold standard for the third year in succession.

It is a fantastic achievement and reflects the standard and variety of school sport and healthy lifestyles undertaken throughout the year. 

Well done to all staff and pupils for showing such enthusiasm and commitment.

1 Mile Challenge 2018

Keystage 2 have had lots of fun this term practicing then entering a one mile challenge. Every child completed this challenge easily, some regularly run the distance! The school chef often came out of the kitchen to join the staff and pupils.  We set ourselves personal challenges for the main event. Pupils ran, bounced balls, threw and caught balls, squeezed slime or just walked around the circuit.

Next year we will be entering the 100 mile challenge as  a whole school. Details to follow in the new term.

Keep walking in the summer everyone.

1 Mile Challenge 2018

Golden Ticket Rewards Trip Ennerdale 2018


Golden Ticket Rewards Trip
Ennerdale 2018
Congratulations to the children who collected the most golden tickets this year.
Kayaking on Ennerdale Water was certainly a fitting reward for all of your commitment to school work.
The sun shone and swimming in the lake was as much fun as rowing around in the sunshine!!
Well done everyone.


Golden Ticket Rewards Trip Ennerdale 2018

KS2 Rounders Team

KS2 Rounders Team 1

KS2 Rounders Team

18th June 2018

Congratulations to our amazing rounders team who were placed 2nd out of ten teams competing at west Lakes Academy.

The weather was kind and the competition tough, but a great afternoon of good sportsmanship and determination from all made this event very rewarding for players and spectators alike.

Well done!!!

Netball Team May 2018

A beautiful sunny day at West Lakes Academy set us up for a great afternoon of year 5/6 netball. Eight schools took part and the standard of play was very high.

Our team were placed joint fourth. We had several draws, one win and a loss.

Well done to you all.

The children said:

"I feel more confident with the rules now."

"I think we did really well because we haven't practiced netball for a while!"

"I was nervous at first but i got better after every game and relaxed."

"I really enjoyed it."


Netball May 2018

Netball May 2018 1

Playleaders 2018

Playleaders 2018 1
Playleaders 2018 2
Playleaders 2018 3
Playleaders 2018 4
Playleaders 2018 5
Playleaders 2018 6
Playleaders 2018 7
Playleaders 2018 8

Tag Rubgy Festival 2018

Our year 5/6 rugby team played some great games and scored many tries throughout the afternoon. Their practice sessions refreshed their skills which were invaluable and put other teams under pressure resulting in very exciting, close matches.

Rolling down the grass bank was just as much fun, whilst waiting for our transport home!!  

The children said:

"It was really fun!"

"I enjoyed rolling down the grass hill."

"I was really proud of myself for scoring lots of tries."

"I got better at it as the day went on." 

Tag Rugby Festival 2018

Tag Rugby Festival 2018 1

Class 3 P.E, tag rugby lessons March 2018


Class 3 have really enjoyed refreshing their skills in preparation for the tournament on May 3rd.

good luck to our lucky children who have been selected to represent their school at St Bees.

Class 3 P.E tag rugby March 2018

Hoola Hoop Challenge March 2018

Hoola Hoop Challenge 2018

During sports relief week our school council sports committee organised a hoola hoop challenge during play times. Every child in the school was able to take part if they so wished. The challenge categories were: the longest, continuous waist rotation, how far a hoop could be rolled and freestyle, where children had to impress the judges doing any tricks they could. 

Lots of pupils took part in the event and many children played with the hoops despite not entering the competition.


The councillors were the organisers and judges. Prizes were given out to winners during good work assembly, sports relief day, 23rd March.

Sports Funding Meeting April 2018

Keysteps 3 team

Keysteps 3 team 1

Keystage 2 Gymnastics


Congratulations to both of our gym teams for a superb effort in the keysteps competition held at St Benedicts School Whitehaven.

The teams practiced hard both before and after school leading up to this event, their commitment was rewarded with years 3 and 4 being placed 2nd and years 5 and 6 coming 4th. There were a lot of schools competing at a very high standard. Our positions are deserved and admirable.

KS1 Gymnastic Team


KS1 Gymnastics Competition

Our gym team performed their routines at Montreal Primary School, competing against 4 other teams in the small school section. Our pupils were very excited about this event and did a great job even though some of them felt very nervous. We were placed 3rd in our category and can be very proud of team and their improved skills.

KS2 Indoor Athletic Competition

On Monday 15th January we took part in an indoor athletics competition at West Lakes Academy. Each child had two running events and two field events to complete for either the boys or girls team. Scores were combined to give an overall result for the school.

Sadly our team were placed last in this event but should be proud of themselves for trying their best and having fun chatting to pupils from six other schools.


Skip-a-Thon 2018

On Wednesday 10th January our School Council sports committee organised a skip-a-thon event during playtime. Everyone in the school was invited to join in (it was optional).

Lots of children took part and each competitor had three attempts to skip as many times as they could in one minute. They would be judged on their highest score.

It was great to see lots of pupils skipping for fun, even if they didn't want to compete. Mrs Murray came out during her lunch break to take part, impressing the pupils with her high score!

Well done to the winners, one from each class:

Class1: Emily

Class2: Noah

Class3: Najia

Prizes were presented by the councillors during good work assembly.  


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Wellbeing Lessons


During our P.E, lessons in KS2 this term we are experiencing Wellbeing workshops. Our coach will take us on a journey of discovery using our minds as well as our bodies.

We will understand physical and emotional health and think about making the right choices for our own wellness.

Wellbeing lessons

KS2 Hockey Tournament

KS2 Hockey Tournament 1

KS2 Hockey Tournament

On Monday 6th November our years five and six pupils took part in a hockey tournament at Cleator Moor. We were placed 6th in this competition but had some very close games. The skills of our team were put to the test when they had to play defensively during some tough games. Their training during P.E, paid dividends throughout the afternoon. The team can be proud of their efforts despite the very cold and wet weather. They were rewarded with a hot chocolate to warm them up afterwards. 

Bag a Breakfast Ambassadors

As part of our healthy schools learning we are using the ambassador scheme taken from the Phunky foods programme to help us understand the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast every day. 

Following an assembly in the KS2 class two ambassadors were chosen to roll out the message to the rest of the school. Mikayla and Alivia are to be our first tutors.

Initially the girls will do a survey on class 2 to get all the information about  who eats breakfast and what they have. from this starting point the girls will then do presentations to both class1 and 2 to give them lots of positive information about healthy options and reasons to eat before school. They will make sure the messages are positive, including what impact eating breakfast has on concentration and learning.

We wish our ambassadors well over the next month with their quest to give out good advice and look forward to hearing about the results taken from a final survey to see if anyone has made any changes to their morning eating routine.

KS1 Multiskills


Our year one and two pupils took part in a multiskills event at West Lakes Academy.

Several schools took part with lots of opportunity to practice ball skills as well as coordination and control.

The children mixed with other pupils and chatted throughout the session giving them a chance to use their social skills too.

The group had a very enjoyable morning and couldn't wait to share their experiences with everyone back at school. 


KS2 Netball Tournament


Our year 6 pupils took part in a netball tournament at West Lakes Academy.

Every child improved their knowledge of the positions using the correct rotation for high five netball.

Each child had the opportunity to play in both attacking and defensive roles.

Well to all of our team for great conduct and effort at this event.

X-Country September. Every child from class 3 took part in this competition, they all tried their very best and did themselves and school proud. Their best efforts paid off and they were runners up on the day and now go forward to the final on October 10th. Getting muddy was as much fun as the running!! congratulations all and good luck for the final.

 We are proud to announce we have once again achieved a GOLD award for our Sports provision for 2016-17!!!