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Shortlisted as School of the Year in 2016-17

Outdoor learning

The children enjoyed an Easter egg hunt and sharing out all the eggs they found.  we also took part in the Thornhill School Egg Dumping Competition and one of our class won!

Walking Around Thornhill Spotting Numbers and Shapes in the Environment and Looking for Signs of Spring


Reception and Nursery children had a lovely walk down the railway line, looking for signs of spring and for numbers and shapes in the environment. Here are a selection of things we found.




  Numbers on signs.


Early spring growth.


The children have been pretending to make birthday cakes for Miss McGregor.


Nursery Children Visit Shop to Buy Snack


   Children took snack money to the shop and selected snack for the week.  Back at school they prepared it.

The children had fun playing in the snow,  building with it and making it melt. They worked as a team on a snowman.          

We love being outside, even when it's cold. The mud kitchen was open too!

Ice Outside

Ice Outside 1
Ice Outside 2
Ice Outside 3
Ice Outside 4
Ice Outside 5
Ice Outside 6
Ice Outside 7
Ice Outside 8

Looking at Ice


The children left some water outside and found that it had turned to ice.  They were fascinated by the ice floating and talked about melting and freezing. Brrrrrrr

Collecting and Examining Hailstones

Collecting and Examining Hailstones 1
Collecting and Examining Hailstones 2
Collecting and Examining Hailstones 3
Collecting and Examining Hailstones 4
Collecting and Examining Hailstones 5
Collecting and Examining Hailstones 6


This week we managed to catch a sudden hail storm.  We had discussions about freezing and melting.  We enjoyed picking them up.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11

Trip on the Bus to the Library


On Friday 17 of November, Reception had a fun trip into Egremont using the bus.  We visited the local library.  Whilst there the Librarian showed us around and read us some stories, including Bee Bear and Florence Frizzball.  Some of us got new library cards too so we can go back with our parents!

We love to learn outside

We love to learn outside 1
We love to learn outside 2
We love to learn outside 3
We love to learn outside 4
We love to learn outside 5