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Our phunky food video has now gone viral and you can watch us all perform our teeth assembly by clicking on the link below.


Please watch it at least twice, once to admire us and congratulate us on our great performance then again to learn lots about your teeth and why it is soooooo important to look after them. If you want our autographs just ask!


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Please pop into school and look at our new display wall just through the front door that we are all allowed to write on! Its a great idea and allows us the opportunity to thank anyone we want for anything at all. Please feel free to add to it yourselves. Mrs Murray has added a thank you to all those children (and parents) who have been so fast at bringing in a range of different things to help with our horticulture topic. Keep the banana skins and egg shells coming please!

Our new class book is....

Since we read Demon Dentist by David Walliams in the first half of the Autumn term we have been hooked on his books. Children who weren't really excited by reading have been very excited to read more of his books and thoroughly enjoyed them. We are all overjoyed to be reading another of his books this half term. We have chosen "Bad Dad," as it is one of his new books and sounds like another great read. It will be interesting to see which characters are in this book which have been in others and pick out similarities and differences between the other David Walliams books we have read.
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Picture 2

Meet some of the characters

Meet some of the characters 1
Meet some of the characters 2
Meet some of the characters 3
Meet some of the characters 4
Meet some of the characters 5
Meet some of the characters 6

Who do you think is going to be your favourite character and why?

Bad Dad is about a boy named Frank whose dad is thrown into prison for driving the getaway car in a bank robbery. Frank hatches a daring plan to break his father out of prison for the night so they can put the stolen money back. But will the evil crime boss Mr Big stop them?