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KS2 Netball Team May 2019

KS2 Netball Team May 2019 1

KS2 Netball Team May 2019

Well done to our team who dug deep until the last match at this competition. Sadly we never won any games but had several attempts at goals that came close but just didn't quite make it! It just wasn't our lucky day. We kept up our team spirit and enjoyed chatting to friends from other schools too.

KS2 Tennis May 2019

KS2 Tennis May 2019 1

KS2 Tennis May 2019

Congratulations to both of out teams for playing great tennis in this competition. Both teams improved their skills and have a better understanding of the rules too. Our teams were placed 1st and second!!! Our first team will now go through to the County final in July!! We are all very proud and excited! 

KS2 Tag Rugby Festival May 2019

KS2 Tag Rugby Festival May 2019 1

KS2 Tag Rugby Festival


Thornhill team worked so hard in every match during this festival at St Bee’s school.

The matches were all so close and our team were only one try behind in every game. The games were thrilling to watch with almost every player scoring at least once!

Their great team effort and skills made Mrs Temple so proud, but the tense games might have given her a touch of blood pressure!!

Congrats to you all.

KS2 Hockey Final April 2019

Congratulations once again to our finalists for earning a place in the Copeland final at Millom School. The competition was tough but our team played their best and should be proud of themselves. We were placed 8th in this event.

The sun was shining and a picnic on the grass made this day even better!! We travelled with Orgil School and made some new friends too.

KS2 Hockey Final April 2019

KS2 Hockey Final April 2019 1

KS2 Boccia April 2019

On Monday 15th April four keystage 2 pupils took part in a Boccia tournament at Orgil Primary School. They had a chance to learn a new game which they both played and umpired, as well as playing with children from other schools and making new friends. All four of our pupils really enjoyed this game, so much so, that we may look into buying a kit for school to enable all of our children to have the same experience.

KS2 Boccia April 2019

KS2 Boccia April 2019 1
KS2 Boccia April 2019 2

Years 5/6 Netball March 2019


Despite the continuous rain, our team played amazingly well at this West Lakes Academy event.

This was a fun festival in preparation of the competition in the summer term.

We played four matches and lost one, drew one and won two!

Brilliant effort.


Year 5/6 netball team March 2019

Year 5/6 netball team March 2019 1