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Proposal to convert to an academy and join the West Lakes Academy Multi-Academy Trust 

We are writing to you, as a member of our valued school community, to seek your views as part of a formal consultation process.

The Governing Body has been considering carefully future plans in a fast-changing and increasingly challenging educational landscape. Our priority is to enable the schools to continue to provide an excellent education for our children, whilst protecting our school’s role at the heart of our community, and retaining our school’s unique qualities and strengths.

Building upon our current partnership with Arlecdon School, the Governing Body has been exploring a range of options to best secure the provision of primary education in our local communities.

As part of this process, we have considered a number of options including remaining as we are, joining other local primaries in a soft federation, joining a local primary Multi Academy Trust (MAT), joining a local secondary MAT and joining a national MAT. We have engaged with a range of educational providers and academy experts with the view to securing the best possible outcome for our school. We have looked at the benefits and risks associated with each option, and weighed which option most closely meets our values and aspirations for our children and wider school community. As a result of this analysis, the Governing Body unanimously agrees that joining the West Lakes Multi Academy Trust offers the very best strategic partnership available. This option would, by default, mean that our school would convert to academy status. Today we are seeking your views on this opportunity.

This West Lakes MAT is locally centred with a clear and consistent remit of improving outcomes for local pupils. It is supported by local industry and has a proven record of providing great outcomes both educationally and in terms of enrichment.

Why join the Multi-Academy Trust?

We believe that students, staff and our community will benefit from the greater opportunities that formal partnership through the Trust will bring. These include;

  • Securing the future of our school for our children in view of national educational policy and ever increasing budgetary constraints.
  • Protecting our individual ethos and values.
  • Increased opportunities for pupils in terms of outcomes, educational resourcing and enrichment; providing a more effective educational pathway for pupils from nursery through to Year 13.
  • Financial stability and cost efficiencies made through sharing resources and joint commissioning of services.
  • Increased opportunities for staff professional development and career progression.
  • Wider school support network, and increased access to facilities and resources.
  • Opportunities to be part of the development of education locally and to enlist the skills and talents of our staff and governors to their full potential.


What does it mean for parents and children?

  • Parents should not be concerned that there will be drastic changes to the school environment or atmosphere. This will not be the case.
  • There are no plans to change the identity of the school e.g our uniform will remain the same, timings of the school day will not change, holidays will follow the current pattern
  • Parents should see increased opportunities and improved resourcing in school, which will benefit their children
  • There will be no expectation for families to send their children to West Lakes Academy in Year 7, but if they choose to do so, they will have a greater likelihood of a successful admission.

What happens next?

  • We are now beginning the process to consult with our pupils, parents, carers, staff and the community. The Governing Body will consider a report on the academy consultation before making a final decision on whether to proceed with the proposal.
  • If the Governing Body agrees to proceed, the plan is to convert and join the West Lakes Multi Academy Trust on 1st September 2019, subject to appropriate due diligence.
  • We will be hosting consultation meetings as follows:

Monday 29th October @ 5.30pm

Venue- school Hall


You may also contact the chair of Governors using the following email address:



We welcome your feedback on the proposals. We have attached a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document. If you have any feedback that you would like to share with the Governing Body, please complete the questionnaire and return to the school office.


As the process continues, this page will be used to answer questions that you might have.